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Mirka The Sandman

Listed under abranet, Blog, Mirka, preparation Posted Oct 05 2012

Mirka’s latest video from The Sandman shows a car body repair system for repairing dings. Tell me this process isn’t applicable to high end decorating!

And a rectangular format CEROS… Air powered but hopefully a taste of what their R&D team are getting closer to releasing in an electric version for decorators? Prepare to rock.

Link to the video

Mirka Abranet on the rise

Mirka revolutionised the car body world, and are slowly starting to impact more widely on decorating too with their Abranet dustless sanding system. Every day it seems someone is on Twitter, or the trade forums or contacting Traditional Painter, to say they just discovered Abranet, or just went and bought into the Mirka Abranet system.

The CEROS is a fabulous dust-free power sander, and at the other end of the price scale is the Abranet Starter Kit, which I still maintain is a game changing entry level piece of kit that is always useful for professionals and DIY alike, for sanding ceilings, walls and woodwork. (Check a raft of posts about these Mirka products.)

The growing uptake in dustless sanding is very encouraging for the decorating trade. Preparation is the key to lasting high quality finishes, and at Traditional Painter, we want the general public to know about what is possible, and either use Abranet sanding kit on DIY projects, or demand that their decorators do extensive sanding and take great care with their dust! Not exactly an unreasonable demand in this day and age.

And I can see a few cogs turning in the heads of specialist painters, seeing how the car body guy revived that panel back to perfection.

Contact Mirka

If you want to ask Mirka what their plans are for different format sanders, tools and accessories, or you have some feedback, you can scan through their Trade Corner spot on this site, and send Mirka an email direct.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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5 comments to “Mirka The Sandman”

  1. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Keeps us on our toes, cross fertilisation has to be the way to go. The fanatical attention to detail the car guys have for prep, we are on the same sort of page.

  2. chris spence chris spence

    Been using mirka abranet for some time untill i discovered autonet.
    You think abranet is good autonet is simply perfect.mirka have surely cememted auto sanding into Painting and decorating.
    I for one love the results so much i only now buy autonet has my choice sandpaper.

  3. chris spence chris spence

    Invest in autonet.
    Detailed sanding has moved forward for me abranet is yesteryear AUTONET is today.
    Allmost similar in appearance to abranet and to the untrained eye there would be no difference.
    There is.
    Try it and buy it.

  4. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Thanks for raising the Autonet, Abranet question. As you say, its the automotive side of Abranet, technically there is a slight difference, I beleive the autonet is meant to be thrown a bit more regularly than the Abranet, so they say it is a slightly less robust construction. You say autonet is great, I have heard that from other sources / users too on the decorating side. The cross over from auto to decorating is really good news.

  5. chris spence chris spence

    Myself, personally, feels we can learn a great deal from the auto trade.

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