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Mirka sanding system is raising interior decorating standards

Listed under abranet, Blog, Mirka, Ron Taylor Posted May 23 2013

They say a good workman never blames their tools, which is fine up to a point. But some tools make us better craftsmen, and leave us with happier clients – one such tool, the Mirka sanding system, is raising interior decorating standards for the benefit of all concerned.

Here are a couple of examples of the power of Mirka abrasives.

Mirka Mirlon

Mirka Mirlon scuff pads

Per the Mirka specs:

Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that provides an excellent surface finish.
Due to its special structure, Mirlon is easy to use on profiled surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer.

Mirlon is available in four different coarse grits.
* Heavy Duty (60) brown is for aggessive material removal
* General Purpose (320) is a universal sanding material
* Very Fine (360) is recommended for
– primary sanding of new sheet parts and old lacquer layers
– sanding of blendings before applying the primer
* Ultra Fine (1500) and Micro Fine (2000) are suitable for
– preparation of lacquered surfaces

Mirka Mirlon for restoring Lincrusta / Cameoid

Ron Taylor turns to Mirlon scratch pads to assist with the restoration of relief wallcoverings.

Dustless sanding is a win-win

For those in the decorating trade who have adopted dustless sanding and Abranet abrasives, the feedback I hear is that they seem to whizz through the main preparation work quicker than ever, and can spend more time attending to the details.

Those who have always been picky and “slow” are able to maintain their high standards, whilst speeding up their workflow.

And at the end of the day, the biggest winners are homeowners, who don’t have to trade high class finishes for a house full of dust. Tradesmen’s lungs are in better condition too. Win-win.

Still a long way to go

There are many iterations of Mirka abrasives – Abranet, Abralon, Mirlon are just the tip of the abrasives iceberg. And Mirka, an abrasives company, make an impressive range of tools for sanding too- where it all kicked off, the CEROS here.

Drawing on a culture of excellence in the automotive industry, Mirka offer good times ahead for decorators willing to adopt and adapt to the methods of master craftsmen working in the car world. Mirka are on the TP Trade Corner, talk to them direct.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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One comment to “Mirka sanding system is raising interior decorating standards”

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