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Mirka Deros 2013

Listed under abranet, Blog, Mirka Posted Mar 23 2013

A quick glimpse of the Mirka DEROS. 2013 is a good year for painters and decorators looking to up their game and take sanding and preparation to the highest level.

Main difference between the CEROS and DEROS

DEROS has no external transformer, which simplifies the overall set-up considerably, not having to account for the cables and extra bulk that came with the extra appliance.

Lighter than CEROS, which is a great achievement considering the extra built-in transformer.

Better dust extraction than CEROS due to the variation in the design around the outer edges.

Should you throw way your CEROS, just because it has been superseded? Absolutely not, till you are ready!

Do you really need a Mirka DEROS?

When a professional turns up to work on a residential job with dust-free sanding equipment and Mirka Abranet abrasives, they leave most of the competition in the dust.

The painter and decorator sanding your ceilings and walls and filler with a Mirka DEROS (or the old boy CEROS) is working quicker, more thoroughly and way cleaner than any decorator without that set up. Personally, I can’t imagine preparing a house without the dust-free kit. I don’t think homeowners thank the tradesman who coats their house in dust in the process of making the place look cleaner and sharper!

We are constantly hearing from and reading about DIY or tradesmen, who have purchased or are looking for prices on a CEROS (now DEROS) and of course, their competitor, Festool.

Overall, it is brilliant news for decorating in general, that we have Mirka, who changed the automotive industry way of working, and have been turning their mind to changing the way painters and decorators work. Apparently it has only taken 20 years to change the automotive industry’s view of wet sanding v dry dust extraction sanding. A way to go yet, before every decorator is properly equipped.

You can * (a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://www.mypaintbrush.co.uk/mirka-deros-125mm-solution-kit?tracking=50636969563ff “>purchase a DEROS from Mypaintbrush with all the kit and abrasives to set you up for a sanding bonanza.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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