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Mirka CEROS sander review

These Mirka CEROS sander review are from independent painters and decorators. Decorating is all in the preparation, and the Mirka CEROS sanding system is probably the one decorating tool that reveals just how professional and attentive to detail your painter and decorator actually is.

1 – To buy a Mirka CEROS, remember to ask for 5″ or 6″ and the correct orbit for the work you are doing.

2 – To add your own review of a Mirka CEROS sander, click on the link at the end of the last review. Either follow the format of other reviews or do your own thing. Just tell it as it is though!

3 – If you have any questions about usage or useful accessories ask on the forum for Mirka dustless sanding

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Bad warranty and customer service

Sep 14, 2017 by Jorg Cammenga

I bought a CEROS three years ago and have used it not professionally (only DIY). When I recently tried to switch on the machine there were some sparks and the smell of burned wires so I send it in to Mirka via the store I bought it at. They came back with the message that the warranty had run out (probably by 4 months) and that nothing could be done. No offer to replace the sander at a lower cost or repair it at an appropriate cost. Any further inquiries about possibilities to get replacement or repair where not answered. For a product at that price range a big disappointment also from an environmental point of view because I discard a perfectly fine transformation etc. Good product with a short lifetime and a bad warranty. Feels like Mirka is not standing behind their products.

Good but soft

Jun 28, 2017 by Simon

Yea it's a good sander save time saves money and leaves a better finish no doubt. The downside they are soft starts of good for first six months then slows down and motor goes been through 3 of them. Expensive enough toy to replace. The 3 year guarantee, get ready for a fight any excuse they can think of and turn round in four days lol try a month. Yes could not do without one but make them for trades men that use them not for
Light diy use.



Oct 21, 2012 by Wayne de Wet

CEROS 150mm
(with a transformer that fits neatly to the Mirka extraction unit with the special brackets that are available) keeps it all neat and tidy leaving a small space on top of the extraction unit to place the sander when in stand by mode.

I tested the Ceros over three years ago and to say I like it is an understatement!

Here is my up to date review for 2011......

The rpm are 4000 through to 10,000 With an Orbit of 5.0

A light weight one hand sander, and compact.

I love it and use it every day.

You can use it for so many sanding jobs sanding has become the job I love to do because it\'s so much fun and so easy to use, saving me time sanding & cleaning up and has earned back my investment many many times!

The signature colours of Mirka, bright yellow and black. Really makes this one of the coolest looking orbital sanders on the market.

67 large extraction holes in the base pad, #5 in a straight line, i will come back to that later. Sealed Brushless motor, and a very comfortable to use soft grip palm handle/control are all winning attributes!!

I used black electrical tape and secured the power lead which come from the transformer to the hose leaving 10 inches at each end, this made using the machine easy with less tangling of the hose and the power lead.

it\'s very lightweight, a green power on light that glows clearly showing when you are powered up, I alway turn the power off when changing abrasives for safety reasons you don\'t want the machine spinning in your hands! Health & Safety etc.

+ and - signs when selected control the speed your machine operates when depressing the palm lever. A simple press on +/- buttons will increase/decrese the speed by 1000 rpm

A really cool option is to hold both the + &- at the same time for few seconds the green light will flash to confirm the new setting selected now when you have chosen this setting the more you press the palm lever the speed increases and the the less you press it will decrease, this is particularly good if you need to use lots of different speeds on the suface being sanded.

Combine this with ABRANET Abrasives an innovative abrasive which is like a net... The whole surface has the ability to suck dust through it.
Hook & loop allow very fast changer over and they last and last and last.

The surface of ABRANET has an abrasive coating and works like a cheese grator enabling the dust to be sucked away from the surface.
Keeping the abrasive and the surface clean. Bit like magic ......Abra cadabra = ABRANET.

With an inpressive selection ranging from 40 through to 400 and above, and Abralon finishing pads which range from 500 to 6000 and higher

For the stubborn hard to sand jobs I recommend Mirka HD sanding disks these disks have 15 extraction holes for the larger debris to be sucked into the Mirka extraction unit they are so good.

#top tip is look across the HD disk and look for the line of five holes marry this with the base pad and it will speed up disk changing.

To help save the base pad a pad saver can be purchased. I also sometimes use an interface pad which is like a foam pad allowing me to sand uneven surfaces easier.

The CEROS has so many qualities, is so light very easy to use what ever the task is asked of it.
I use mine mostly for ceilings and walls and large flat areas, flush doors and skirting, it copes very easily with two pack filler, Toupret powder filler and much much more. Recently I machined sanded with the CEROS a really heavy orange peel painted ceiling so easily. And the results where amazing.


1. Lightweight
2. Compact,Comfortable and very very quiet
3. Rpm 4000 to 10,000
4. Virtually dust free good for your health great for your clients
5. Fast hook & loop Abrasives give very fast change over also different firmness base pads
6. Multiple interface pads has 67 extraction holes
7. Pad saver also has 67 extraction holes


1. Auto start when used with the Mirka extraction unit
2. Soft grip handle
3. Palm lever control
4. Speed controls with two options
5. Storage solution available
6. Low voltage transformer (brackets available to mount transformer on the rear of the extraction unit, to keep everything tidy if you purchase the Mirka extraction unit)
7. Sealed brushless motor

What Dust !!

Jul 15, 2012 by chris spence

Hi all and painters/painters and decorators

I\'m Chris from South Wales and of course am self employed as a painter and decorator, and as a painter when I sub contract. Confusing! sorry but there is a certain difference between the two - but without further ado has this review is about the Mirka Ceros and the 915 Dust Extraction unit.

I love power sanders, with out doubt I have had the majority, and for those that know me they will testify to my obsession with them: Festool Planex,125,150, 90 Rotex, Bosch Makita Flex ! oh the list is endless, but out of that list there are only 2 ! yes 2 I rate enough to keep in my van and only 1 yes 1 that I take on every job! yes every job, including commercial, which raises a few eyebrows let me tell you, but when the job is done the eyebrows lower and the beer follows.

The sander or should I say the system, is my all time No1 the Mirka Ceros and 915 dust extraction unit. Its capabilities and diversity set it apart from the rest because apart from the obvious it has a spectacular ability to tour any surface area with ease and precision, all the time removing the dust from the surface fully, making it a delight to use.

Well you may say the Festool Planex or Rotex can perform this duty ? AH

They can, but not nearly as well as the Ceros, not with the absolute certainty the job is done without the need to return to the area to make good.

There\'s a vast and enormous selection of sandpaper for this tool, abranet being the favourite and I have to concur but SHOUT out loud - TRY THE ABRANET FOR VEHICLE ABRADING.

I like to leave a surface as smooth as a piece of paper and I achieve this every time with the Ceros, whether it be woodwork, ceiling work or wall surface area. It surprises my clients, baffles the painter and leaves the competition back in the 19th century, and for me it prepares the way for the only finish acceptable! A top quality solid balanced smooth surface area that is worthy of the paint I place upon it.

Mirka Ceros without doubt the new tool in the tool kit for Painters and Painters and Decorators.

Chris Spence
Bright Painting and Decorating Services - Email- brightpainting@hotmail.co.uk

mirka ceros

Mar 02, 2012 by paul

all of the above. I had mine delivered today. It\'s the mutts nuts. A serious tool to have for the decorator. Where was i without it:)

CEROS sander review by GS Decoration in London and Essex

Jan 07, 2012 by GS Decoration

Dustless sanding where do we start? Many things have already been said about the merits of the Mirka Ceros Or the Festool by some very knowable decorators from across the globe. Including Simon Spectrum Decorating (who had been telling me I was a fool not getting one for ages, it pains me to admit but he was right)

See our full review of Mirka CEROS sander


Mirka CEROS sander reiew by Spectrum Decorating in Tunbridge Wells

Jan 03, 2012 by Simon Briggs


I was flicking through Professional Painter & Decorator magazine one day when I saw the advert for the CEROS. 

Immediately admiring its visual appeal I was keen to get my hands on one to play with so proceeded to go to my local decorating centre - Johnstones, to speak further to them about it.  After many blank faces it was left to the store manager to look into and get back to me.

Not happy with that and now very eager I went into my local Brewers only to be treated with the same response. The sales rep there said he would speak to the Mirka rep whilst I waited.  Ten minutes later he came out the office, a little stunned but with the info I needed. \"Have a guess how much Si!\" he exclaimed...

Now I had previously used a Hitachi palm square sander and Ryobi\'s 125mm Random Orbital both of which were around the £50 mark that worked ok but I was aware they could be better.  With this in mind I\'m thinking of a figure around £80 might cover it but the look on his face tells me it could be more.    When he told me the CEROS was actually £350 I laughed! 

Now I don\'t mind paying for a tool that is good but even I felt that this was a little excessive.  After dismissing it immediately and then pondering it for a few days I rang  back and said can you get me one to demo?  After he realised I was actually being serious he arranged for Amber from Mirka to come down with the CEROS & extractor for me to demo.

We set up in the warehouse some samples for me to play around with and off I went... to be honest as soon as I saw the system being set up I was almost sold.  It\'s a very neat looking unit, better than in the photos and folds away in a smart systainer with a bit of twisting and turning.  I also bought another systainer to store various papers, interfaces etc in.  Just like the Festool system these all clip together to make transporting around easier.

The actual CEROS unit you can tell is in a league of its own the very first time you pick it up.  It\'s lightweight & very compact.  The operating switch is a big black lever that you depress on top of the unit and feels perfectly natural. This can actually be set up to vary the speed of rotation from 4000 to 10000 rpm or just basic on and off function.

The CEROS uses Mirkas fantastic Abranet which if you are not familiar with is an abrasive sheet that is fully breathable meaning at all point of contact it is extracting.  This is really noticeable when you start sanding with the CEROS as the machine without the extractor switched on really can tear up a surface! I have really put my CEROS to the test over the last year that I have had it and it has performed on every level.  I have sanded  floors with it, kitchens, ceilings, walls and it just keeps going.  I have used a number of different grades of Abranet from 320 right down to the evil 40-HD. 

I also was using the Mirka extractor unit which I found very useful. You don\'t have to use it as the CEROS will work with any other Hoover but I found that the Mirka unit had a few good features on it. These were the automatic power take off, the bracket to attach the bulky transformer to it so it\'s not trailing everywhere and the built in extra filters that allow you to extract fine dust, a killer of most common used hoovers such as Henry\'s.

After a good play I was more than satisfied that this machine would work for me and ordered one straight away.  It has saved me time and money and has easily paid for itself in the jobs I have asked it to do.  The fact that I can now work \'virtually\' dust free is a massive selling point that I plug to my potential customers and puts me ahead of my competition.  The machine also allows you to work for longer maintaining consistent results as you are not having to put anywhere near the same levels of physical labour into your sanding down becoming tired by the end of the day whilst being covered in dust.

In summary - 

This is a fabulous system and should be considered by any decorators that want to be taken seriously in their trade.  Yes it is expensive but it has to be viewed as a long term investment into your business future but more importantly your health.  There is no longer an excuse to work under the conditions that many have been used to for years.  

Pros -
Small & compact feeling great to hold for long periods
Powerful motor even under load
Replaceable parts to maintain the lifespan
Increased abrasive life by extracting dust preventing clogging
Labour saving - working time & clear up time
\'Virtually\' dust free

Can be pricey to initially get set up
Awaiting a square version to help work into the corners 
Abranet discs are not available from all decorators merchants

What to do if you want one? 
Call TDS - 01332 228130.  I was not lucky enough to know about TDS when I bought my system but if you are serious about investing into this then they would be where I would send you for the best prices and services without fail.


Mirka CEROS sander review by Traditional Painter in Chester

Jan 02, 2012 by Andy

I bought my first Mirka CEROS at the Painting and Decorating Show in 2010. It is the 5\" 240v model with 5mm orbit

I didn\'t want one! but my wife made me buy it. It beat the rest of the sanders I have ever seen for pure usability. The 5\" fits in the palm of my hand and feels like an extension of my arm. Festools palm sander seems quite bulky in comparison.

Is it really 100% dust free? No! To be fair, it sucks everything most of the time, but when you get to the edge of a wall, or edge of a shelf the action will always push a bit of dust off the edge. But overall, no masks, no dusty atmosphere, and almost no cleaning up time.

The first time I used the Mirka CEROS was on a set of pine shelves. It ripped through the varnish in seconds and needed hardly any finishing to remove scratch marks, that was with 80 grit abranet and the vacuum attached, it was amazing. I think for sanding walls and ceilings, there is nothing better than the Mirka CEROS, probably advise on a 6\" if that is what you mainly do. And finer abranet does better than coarse on most emulsion paint.

I have used a Henry vacuum with great success, but now use a slightly beefier Numatic with HEPA filters. You really need to keep the bags from over-filling, and you have to check the filters very regularly. Literally 2 hours of sanding drywall and the 9 litre bag can be full. Abranet is a killer abrasive.

I mainly use 80 180 220 and 320 grades of Abranet.

Having used it, the outstanding features compared to other sanders is its ease of use. It doesnt get twisted up or feel heavy.

The most annoying problem with the CEROS that Mirka should address is the separate transformer and where is the square format one!

Does it match the hype from people like ACmasterpainter and Wayne de Wet? I think so.

I would highly recommend it to other decorators, but am glad I have had it a while as I feel like I can now keep ahead of the game!!!

In summary, for prepping ceilings and walls and flats on woodwork, the Mirka CEROS is literally a dream come true for customers and decorators, but for better or worse, if starting from scratch, a dust-free sanding solution requires a fairly hefty investment in equipment, of at least £400 and upwards. But if you are a serious professional, I think that has to be money well spent.


Response: testing

Traditional Painter 0203-608-9897 Ch, UK 4.1 5.0 8 8 I bought a CEROS three years ago and have used it not professionally (only DIY). When I recently tried to switch on the machine there were some sparks and the smell of burned wires

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