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Mirka CEROS 77mm electric? Not in UK yet.

Listed under abranet, Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mirka Posted Jan 07 2013

Mirka CEROS power sander & Abranet abrasive has captured the imagination of many specialist decorators in the UK. Sadly, the new 77mm CEROS is not in UK – yet.

The Mirka CEROS power sander is currently limited to 150mm and 125mm, however… a Mirka CEROS 77mm random orbital electric sander has been spotted on the internet. Unfortunately, for UK decorators, it will be a while before the detail sander is on sale in the UK.

electric 77mm ceros from Mirka

The CEROS range has its origins in the pneumatic Mirka ROS range – from 77mm up to 200mm diameter, designed for use in car body shops, where you have access to a good car-size compressor!

The decorators have been spoilt though, as there is no dust extraction on the 77mm pneumatic sanders. The electric version will run a fair bit quieter too than the air-powered ones.

Mirka ROS 77mm electric

The 77mm CEROS sander is specifically designed for detailed work, so for decorators that means furniture and isolated filler/blemishes on general woodwork / walls. No doubting, this will add a certain something to any self respecting specialist decorator’s repertoire. Sanding filled nail heads, smoothing out spot filling, without disturbing the surface way past what you need to sand – all dust extracted straight into your vacuum. Nice.

But, we will have to wait till Mirka UK give us the nod before we queue at the register.

What other format electric sanders would you like to see?

I will kick it off:

Mirka, I would like to see a rectangular orbital electric sander please! It doesn’t have to be too big.

Add your “requests” in the comments or on the TP forum.

TP are onboard with dustless sanding. Are you?

Mirka products have long been favourites of Traditional Painters, and Mirka now support the Traditional Painter Trade Corner. They list their favourite products, explain their ethos, welcome any questions direct, a few videos of their revolutionary Abranet abrasives and sanders in action.

Mirka are still a family owned business still, and their focus on decorating in recent years (they are auto and woodworking specialists traditionally) is really good news for the trade. Whether you are a professional decorator, or a keen DIY, or a homeowner who wonders

“It it possible for my decorator to please sand thoroughly without filling my whole house with their fine dust…?”

Mirka can help.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “Mirka CEROS 77mm electric? Not in UK yet.”

  1. jimmy Ellery

    I think mirka are wrong to delay the 77mm ceros painters and decorators are moving to dust free sanding in big numbers and the only real player with a wider range is festool, obviously theres testing amd R&D to be done but once purchased it will a while before decs are changing there current machines.

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    You might be right that a lot of sander buying decisions have been made, but it’s an ongoing market isnt it?

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