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Mirka Abranet and CEROS is changing decorating

Listed under abranet, Blog, Mirka, preparation Posted Mar 15 2012

There are lots of decorating gadgets around, claiming to be better than anything before. But Mirka revolutionised decorating with their dust-free Abranet abrasive, no exaggeration. Update March 14th 2013

The Abranet Starter Kit
Mirka Abranet starter kit A perforated sanding block and hose, which you connect to a vacuum, is around £30. I didn’t really understand how it worked, and how brilliant it is, till I had one in my hands. Based on my experience, that Starter Kit is the best money spent and makes it simple for professionals and DIY to adopt the technology.

The optional interface pads especially the 5mm thick ones, add life to the hook and loop pad and add an extra dimension for sanding profile surfaces.

Check out hallmark Frauhlo if you are in the market for Abranet and Mairka products. Their 70×198 Abranet Starter kit is particularly good value

Used Mirka CEROSOnce convinced, it is a no-brainer for decorators who are serious about their profession, to attack large scale wall sanding with the 6″ CEROS sander, and I often have the 5″ CEROS working its magic on woodwork too.

After 2 years’ hard use, I can assure you the motor and sanding action and suction is still working brilliantly, but the casing doesn’t stay yellow for ever! Otherwise, this is the most comfortable palm sander around.

Then there are assorted hand pad formats, such as the Mirka Handy sander and more power sanders coming too. Sanding need no longer be the worst part and the most often neglected part of decorating for anyone.


The new incarnation from Mirka, the DEROS – a CEROS with a revised design and an internal transformer. Photo via Wayne de Wet


More to follow on this one I’m sure.

Mirka opening eyes

With their background in the automotive sector, where the culture is based on perfect preparation standards, Mirka have certainly opened decorators’ eyes to what is possible with preparation. Apparently it took them many years to get the car body guys to move on from wet ‘n’ dry to Abranet and Abralon, so they still have a long way to go in their mission to change the culture in ultra conservative and stick-in-the-mud 1980’s decorating! We are certainly looking forward to some interesting innovations and will keep you posted.

Mirka are a big hit with Traditional Painter, and they have a page on our Trade Corner where they explain their ethos and highlight their 3 favourite products from their range. If you have any questions, just ask them!

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4 comments to “Mirka Abranet and CEROS is changing decorating”

  1. darlic

    How much will it reduce dust on a flat wall,dose it come with connectors for Henry hoover,looks fairly simple piece,is it worth buying for starting out decorator or just go for one off there electric sanders,which is the best performer,off the mirka range.

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Hi Jason

    the two systems from Mirka come with a bung that will go into a Henry. The hand sander is a good intro to the dustless way, and is a piece of kit that you will use regularly whatever else you invest in.

    The “weak link” in dustless sanding is when you get near an edge and push the dust off the edge before the extractor can catch it, but in general use, if the bags are regularly cleaned and the filters cleaned, in general use, on flats, what you sand will get caught.

    The DEROS and Festools sanders are an improvement on the CEROS for this last few percent of dust.

    Henry for sanding woodwork is fine, but if you plan on skimming and sanding walls, it will fill up quickly and filters especially need to be cleaned. Horses for courses, but to be honest, if you arent geared up for this sort of dust extraction, you wont be able to compete with the growing number of decorators offering dustless as standard. They will be faster, more efficient and their clients will wonder why they never had decorators using kit like that before!

  3. Craig Brooks

    Hi Andy. I use a Deros and mirka dust extractor, but regularly find the bags split inside the extractor which makes a big mess.

    Have you ever had this happen and do you know of any solution? Thanks!

  4. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Hi Craig

    What are you finding, are all bags splitting or just now and again?

    I learned quickly (from split bags!) that part of the routine of dustless sanding is to regularly check your filters and bags.

    As an idea, a Henry is fine when sanding woodwork, but it fell way short when I started sanding large wall areas. Buzzing away merrily on a CEROS which is not as good as a DEROS, you could fill a Henry in maybe two hours, which can catch you unawares, get too full and may well split.

    So my solution was to upgrade to a bigger capacity machine and when sanding out Toupret TX120 and the like, get into the habit of checking every couple of hours, which is a safe margin and less trouble than holding on and holding on and then clearing up a mess.

    Occasionally you might get a duff bag that just splits when you look at it.

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