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Mark Nash Traditional Painter London Q&A

Listed under Blog, Mark Nash, TP Team Posted Jul 09 2013

I asked Mark Nash, Traditional Painter London, a few questions in order to provide some background to how he arrived at this point in his career.

Mark Nash traditionalpainterWhat part of the UK do you cover for Traditional Painter?

I cover the M4 corridor, mostly London village. 

At what age did you first wield a paint brush for money? And for how much?

I first started wielding a paint brush in my early 20s for a pittance

Can you briefly outline your formal training?

I am City & Guilds trained BUT most of my training came from my father & grandfather, old school, the best.

Who do you consider your “mentor” in your early years, and why? (Name names!)

My mentors were my father John, he really taught me to hang wallpaper & taught me well, secondly my grandfather Frank. Great respect for both.

What brand paint were you predominantly using on woodwork when you started out?

On woodwork the early days we used Valspar, Berger & Brolac

And now, what would you use as your best shot on a front door?

Best shot front door is two coats of Otex followed by Miranol, without question.

Tikkurila miranol gloss

What was the most unpleasant decorating job you ever did? (Don’t name names!)

Most unpleasant job, stripping shellac, bloody awful job.

Tell us briefly about a job that you think encapsulates your craft skills?

I put time care & importantly patience into every job & enjoy every kitchen I paint, hopefully it shows.

Name one aspect of the decorating trade today that makes you cringe?

I hate the way most jobs are rushed, a good job takes as long as it takes, none of this prime, undercoat and topcoat in a day, no thank you.

Also seeing painters paint outside when it’s raining. And this year in temperatures of -1, outrageous.

Name one aspect of decorating that is infinitely better than when you first started out.

One aspect that assists the self employed decorator is technology, computers and smart phones, I don’t think I need explain why.

The actual work itself remains the same i.e. preparation etc

If a young person said they wanted to be a painter, what would your advice be?

Get yourself into college and get working with a time-served painter.

What decorating trend do you hope never makes a comeback?

Never again polystyrene ceiling tiles or swirly artex

Based on your experience, is there a “most popular colour” for hand-painted kitchen cabinets?

Most popular colour for kitchens since year 2000 generally whites & creams, although changing now to greys

Is your own home decorated to the nth degree, or is it a case of cobbler’s shoes?

My own home is decorated to a high standard, not superb, you understand!

Outside of work, what are you working on at the moment?

Outside of work I’m an accomplished martial artist in 3 arts: Japanese, Korean & Chinese.
I also am training to fly a paramotor (a paraglider with an engine strapped to your back) 

I also design build and fly radio control aircraft & I love beer & chocolate.

This is the work that Mark carries out for Traditional Painter. If you have a project in mind, contact here, he will be happy to help. And talk about flying and more. More Team TP members are featured here

Mark Nash hand painted kitchens OxfordMark Nash is a leading participant in the Traditional Painter network of specialist kitchen painters.

If you are in the market for refurbishing a hand-painted kitchen in Oxford or London / M4 corridor, check out his profile page. It is a testament to the skill and level of service from a 3rd generation master painter

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