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Making a WordPress company blog more social

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Jun 29 2010

These days, any serious decorator, builder or construction company should have a website, blog and Twitter account. Even little old me gets about 4 online inquiries a week from potential clients, fellow tradesmen or DIYers who come across me via my website, blog and Twitter set-up.

WordPress is a brilliant (free) tool to build a business website and a blog. Twitter is a very powerful (free) social network tool. Take your internet presence to the next level by building some Twitter-friendly functions into your WordPress blog.

Twitter name added to comments form

TwitterTwitterlink Comments plugin will add a user’s Twitter ID to the comments form on your WordPress blog. In my opinion, if someone is interested enough to comment on a blog, it is only fair that the site owner encourages future readers to follow them on Twitter too.

How Twitterlink comments work »

When someone leaves a comment on your site (HINT HINT), they can add their Twitter name at the bottom of the form Twitter ID in comments in WordPress

Their @Twittername will then appear automatically on all future comments that they make on that blog.

Display Twitter ID at head of comments

Stylish Social Bookmarking Icons

sociableSociable is a plugin that installs a Share this page with friends and colleagues at the end of an article. Just click to share a blog post with followers on Twitter etc. Good post + pretty presentation = result?

How to jazz up Sociable »


Sociable looks fairly bland out the box, so this is how to style it to look more inviting for people to use – like the above?

Firstly, I found some high quality icons for free on Iconfinder and swapped them for the icons in the /themes/YOUR THEME/sociable/images folder.

Then I installed the code from Webstractions to create the neat box for my Sociable icons:

div.sociable { margin: 16px 0; text-align: center; background-color: #dcdcdc; border: 1px solid silver; padding: .7em 0; }
.sociable_tagline { padding-bottom: .7em;  font: bold 1.6em Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}
.sociable ul {  display: inline; margin: 0 !important;  padding: 0 !important; }
.sociable ul li {display: inline !important;  list-style-type: none; margin: .3em; padding: 1px;}
.sociable img {width: 32px; height: 32px;  }

.sociable-hovers {opacity: 1;  -moz-opacity: 1;filter: alpha(opacity=100);}
.sociable-hovers:hover {opacity: .45;-moz-opacity: .45;filter: alpha(opacity=45);}

.sociable a { border:0 !important; }      
.sociable a:hover {background-color: #dcdcdc; } 

Copy and paste the code into the themes/YOUR THEME/sociable/sociable.css file

You can modify the inputs to change colors, borders etc to your taste.

Auto blog your tweets, auto tweet your blogs

tweet thisThis Twitter Tools plugin gives you the option to automatically integrate WordPress blogs with Twitter tweets, and vice versa. There are many automated aspects of Twitter that are quite spammy, but I think this is an acceptable time-saver:

Aspects of Twitter Tools »

Easy set-up to auto tweet a blog post.
Option to create blog posts from your best tweets
Option to display tweets in the sidebar


You can throw money at a problem, obviously, and there are great professionals out there able and willing to design a website. You can employ a Virtual Assistant (VA) to write your blog posts for you. And you can outsource to any part of the globe for staff to get you Tweeted and socially networked to distraction.

On the other hand, if you are a bit creative and a lot determined, it doesn’t need to cost anything to get online and spread the word about the services you offer using WordPress and Twitter combined.

When I am not online or fine-tuning this website, I am up to my eyes painting kitchen cabinets, lounges… If you need any help in either department, please contact me.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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