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Lee Simone Traditional Painter Yorkshire Q&A

Listed under Blog, Lee Simone, TP Team Posted May 19 2013

I asked Lee Simone Traditional Painter Yorkshire a few questions, to provide some background to how he arrived at this point in his career.

Take it away

Lee Simone Traditional Painter Yorkshire Q&A What part of the UK do you cover for Traditional Painter?

Yorkshire. I’m based in Harrogate and cover the whole county.

At what age did you first wield a paint brush for money? And for how much?

14, original paintings sold in Galleries for around £125

Can you briefly outline your formal training?

A year’s apprenticeship in decorative painting from Nicola Creasy ‘The House Doctor’

Who do you consider your “mentor” in your early years, and why? (Name names!)

Nicola Creasy – taught me all the basics, introduced me to the possibilities and started my real love affair with paint.

What brand paint were you predominantly using on woodwork when you started out?


What was the most unpleasant decorating job you ever did? (Don’t name names!)

Faux wood graining the inside of a lift. The doors had to be closed, it was in summer and it was, shall we say, a little heady!

Tell us briefly about a job that you think encapsulates your craft skills?

Sos but that’s a toughie, I can’t really pinpoint one as I do different things, each using different skills

Name one aspect of the decorating trade today that makes you cringe?

Lack of attention to detail

Name one aspect of decorating that is infinitely better than when you first started out.


If a young person said they wanted to be a painter, what would your advice be?

Take pride in your work, aim to be a master, not just ordinary.

What decorating trend do you hope never makes a comeback?

Rag rolling

Based on your experience, is there a “most popular colour” for hand-painted kitchen cabinets?

F&B’s Tallow

Is your own home decorated to the nth degree, or is it a case of cobbler’s shoes?

Rented and not decorated to the nth degree at all

Outside of work, what are you working on at the moment?

An original painting based on ‘The Big Bang’

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This is the work that Lee carries out for Traditional Painter. If you have a project in mind, contact him here at TP, or on his site and he will be happy to help and talk all things fine artistic painting. More Team TP members are featured here


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