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Langlow patina for natural timber

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture Posted Aug 12 2012

painted pine table A question about Langlow patina.

On 11 Aug 2012, at 13:19

Hi Andy

I’m trying my hand at painting furniture and have come across your website. I have used your tip of using Patina on natural wood but it doesn’t seem to look glossy like yours does in your painted pine table picture.

I have only applied one coat so far not sure if this could be the reason?

Also can you tell what what the consistency should be like, I left it in the sun and it completely melted and has now set to a gel like consistency is this correct?

Any advise would be much appreciated!

Thank you


you are on the right track. 2 very thin coats of Patina will do the trick.

Apply sparingly in circles one plank at a time then lay off in one direction. It is quite a rigorous process, I put a lot of weight behind it, it has to be thin.

The first coat will soak in. It should be hard though before the second coat goes on. Minimum 4 hours between coats.

It is a gel, so that sounds about right, never melted it myself 🙂

Leave 24 hours before using. After a couple of days, you will have a very tough coating. Used it for many years, literally only one failure, which was never resolved despite best brains at Patina. You can add stainer to it for a tinted finish. It goes yellow if applied as a sealer over paint though!


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4 comments to “Langlow patina for natural timber”

  1. DAVID

    What do you tint patina with.

    many thanks

  2. Andy Crichton

    Tint with any oil paint or oil stainer. I have got it down to black, 2 coats

  3. Elizabeth

    I have a factory lacquered wood floor, down 15+ years. It looks great when wet, but when dry it looks shabby with lots of little superficial scratches and other marks.

    I have PATINA, would that be a good product to use in this situation, is it likely to be slippy to walk on.

  4. Andy Crichton

    Contact Ben Sturges at Ray Munn, he will have a solution, not Patina.

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