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Ladder Limb

Listed under Blog, ladders Posted Jun 07 2012

Ladder Limb is pitched as a viable alternative to a paint can hook, acting as a third hand capable of holding a 10kg load while you are working at height. Paint cans, tools or even buckets will hang safely. I have updated it with a statement from Ladder Limb addressing a question about Health and Safety aspects and about their award.

Ladder Limb feedback on Health and Safety

I asked Alistair Taylor at Ladder Limb to comment on a question about what HSE thought about it.

Regarding HSE they cannot promote or endorse any product.

We believe that the only way they would be involved is if there was an accident and the use of ladderlimb could have helped avoid that accident.

Ladderlimb has been tested by an independent risk assessor. After a 20 minute trial his only question for us was where and when could I purchase one.

Ladder Limb wins an award

Local press today (Nov 16th 2012) have reported on our success at DIY awards where we were awarded the gold winner of UK Handtool of the Year. They picked up on the fact that “a man who knows nothing about the industry has won an award for an innovative Tool”.

Silver awards went to Stanley and Irwin.

Judges commented on Ladderlimb: “this is one of those brilliant why did nobody think of it before ideas” DIY week editor, Fiona Hodge, said “From my point of view it is a great product with a great story behind it” “the product categories at the DIY Week awards are about rewarding innovation and Ladderlimb certainly fits that criteria”.


Ladder Limb awards

Ladder Limb video

ladder limb video

If you have used the Ladder Limb, send in your thoughts, or contribute to a thread over on the Traditional Painter forum about ladders.

We had an article from Browns Ladders recently, explaining how to source the safest ladder for a job. It would be interesting to hear their take on the Ladder Limb, as Health and Safety experts.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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3 comments to “Ladder Limb”

  1. Charles Budd

    Unlike some of the gimmicky products out there, this seems like a genuinely useful improvement on the ‘paint can hook’.

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    It certainly seems like an elegant solution to the spare hand syndrome up a ladder.

  3. Chris montague


    How does this compare to the ladder limb

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