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Lacq is a range of authentic products for wood care and timber treatment, for example, the sort of products you normally associate from Sadolin, Osmo and such like. Lacq, however, take a more traditional approach with a mix of vintage recipes and modern production methods.

The products smell good and include proven natural ingredients that have served painters and boat builders well for centuries. Linseed paint that can be tinted and used without jumping through hoops; pine tar for ultimate wood rot protection; super yacht varnish…

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The manufacturers of Lacq products are taking this opportunity to talk direct to professional decorators and keen DIY about their company and the products they are really proud of. Please take advantage of this platform to interact with an innovative and industry-leading business. Ask the Lacq team questions about what you see and read here, and contribute any constructive comments about what they do well and what they could do better.

Company information

Lacq energolProducer: Vliegenthart B.V.
Founded: 1839
Lacq website Home page
Lacq contact: Willem
UK distributor: Paints and Interiors


Lacq on Lacq

Lacq is a range of authentic products from Holland for wood protection. Produced in a traditional way, we use the finest raw materials and combine vintage recipes, with modern chemistry and production. We are proud to manufacture products of supreme quality.

Lacq Natuleum

natuleumLacq Natuleum® is a traditionally cooked product consisting of natural waxes, resins and oils for superb protection of your outdoor wood.

Lacq Natuleum® remains flexible for a long time, penetrates very well in most types of wood and has an excellent moisture-resistance ability. It has a natural deep brown/black colour.

Because Natuleum® contains no VOC, consequently there is no loss by evaporation and 100% of the material remains on the wood after drying.

For use on all types of wood, for resistance to water penetration and rot. Especially suitable as a replacement for carbolineum and coal tar. To be used on, wooden pilings, sheds, barns, fencing, piers, mooring posts, floodgates etc. Due to the natural brown/black colour it is excellent for refreshing or decorating wood work, for example sleeper paint and creosote.

Technical Data Sheet


Pine tar

Lacq pine tarLacq pine tar is made with entirely natural ingredients. It is obtained by dry distillation (pyrolysis) of wood, including pine. It is black-brown, a cloudy color and has a characteristic smell.

Pine tar is used for the protection of wooden boats, but also posts and soft wood fences. Used in Scandinavia for centuries, Swedish Tar contains protective substances for wood against rot, insects etc.

Also suitable for the treatment of horses’ hoofs and tree wounds.


Lacq Energol linseed based paint

Lacq EnergolLacq energol is authentic protection for all your outdoor wood surfaces, and is prepared in the traditional way. The combination of wood oil and linseed oil provides optimum results.

Energol nourishes the wood from within and provides long-lasting protection.

Due to the unique composition of raw materials, Energol remains flexible for a long time, allowing the product to flex with the surface of the wood.

Technical Data Sheet


Lacq hardwood oil

Lacq hard wood oilLacq Hardwoodoil is a traditional recipe of blended vegetable oils to protect and maintain wooden garden furniture, ramps or teak decks annually.

This hardwood oil has a very high solids content (98%), which means that very high coverage is achieved with the first layer. Provides long-term protection from dirt or ageing for, among others, teak and bankirai.

This hardwood oil is very easy to apply.

Technical Data Sheets


Lacq floor varnish X10

Floor Varnish X10Lacq Floorvarnish X10 is a 1K polyurethane, clear, transparent sealer based on modified vegetable oil. It dries to a gloss after more than two to three layers have been applied.

Floorvarnish X10 has been renowned for its high quality for more than 40 years.

Floorvarnish X10 is applied to concrete floors to enhance the appearance and to protect against wear. It also prevents the dispersion of dust from untreated concrete floors.

After treatment with Floorvarnish X10 , floors are easy to keep clean, as dirt or grease can no longer penetrate.

Technical Data Sheets


Lacq cooked yacht varnish

Lacq yacht varnishLacq traditionally cooked yacht varnish stands out because of the optimum flow, high gloss, extremely good weather- and water-resistance and high elasticity. This combination ensures that the varnish does not crack on wood.

Lacq cooked yacht varnish is based on wood oil and phenolic resin and contains a high-quality UV filter that provides maximum protection against sunlight, even in tropical climates.

Technical Data Sheet




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