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Kitchen painting tip – How to keep screws safe

Listed under hand-painted kitchen Posted Jan 12 2011

When I paint a kitchen, one of the first things I do is take all doors off. This means screws come out of hinges.

If you leave screws chucked loose on a shelf, they can get lost easily, especially when you vacuum out dust. On the other hand, a bad idea is to drop all the screws into one pot.

Experience says that if you want to avoid hassle at the end of a job, keep each set together, and make sure the screws go back in exactly the same hole they came out of.

So this is a useful tip, I find, to keep screws organised.

1 – Drop the screws for the top hinge onto a piece of masking tape.

2 – Fold the tape over on itself so it traps the screws.

3 – Stick tape to the wall of the unit somewhere near the appropriate hinge.

Safe and sound and in order till the time comes to re-hang the doors. The shelves are empty for the duration of the job, saving you a surprising amount of time not moving stuff, not being careful…

If the same handles are going back on, I would stick them to the side of the appropriate unit too.

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