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Kitchen Painting in Bidford, Warwickshire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, Holman Specialist Paints, Ron Taylor Posted Oct 31 2014

This is a recent project from Ron Taylor, kitchen painting in Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

hand painted kitchen Bidford Warwick

The kitchen had been installed about 15 years ago and was in very good condition. However, the customers were looking for a lighter look than the wood finish.

before hand painted kitchen Bidford Warwick

The hand painted finish was also to be done in conjunction with new tiles, flooring and redecoration. A busy time ahead for someone.

Handles now

New handles were on the list, so a carpenter fitted then removed them, prior to painting.

If new holes have to be drilled it is much safer to do this prior to painting, just in case of any accidents with the drilling process.

The worst time to decide on new handles is part way through the second or third coat of paint. If holes need to be filled and re-sited, it is not a simple “just” fill and touch up, at that point.

Preparation, the key

hand painted kitchen Bidford Warwick

The doors and drawer fronts were removed and all surfaces thoroughly cleaned with Krud Kutter Original and washed down. They were then abraded with a Festool RTS400 sander with dust extraction for the flat areas and Mirka GoldFex for any mouldings and hard-to-access places.

A coat of Tikkurila Otex Primer was then applied by a brush and/or roller and laid off. Brushes used for the primer were Corona Chinex Kingston and Comet and the roller a Wooster Micro Plush.

I usually spray solvent based primer on doors and drawer fronts in my workshop, but there was a fair bit of grain relief on the surface and in my experience, a roller in tandem with a brush works the paint in better on this type of finish.

Further base coats

After priming and a light sand with 400 Mirka GoldFlex, all surfaces were painted with Tikkurila Helmi Primer tinted to the topcoat colour, which was similar to Pointing. It was mixed, as always, by Holman Paints.

(Ordering online from Holmans, use the TP5 code before placing your order! Here’s why.)

After the primer was dry I caulked all the edges with DDC caulk and it was allowed to dry. I always caulk after the second primer, as it is smoother and easier to apply on this finish.

Finish coats

Topcoats were then applied by brush and roller and laid off smooth.

Tikkurila hand painted kitchen Bidford Warwick

A Micro Plush roller was again used for this task, and brushes used were Corona Cortez and Shelby angled.

The new handles were then fitted and here is a 15 year old kitchen no more. Now a new, modern looking feature, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

hand painted kitchen Bidford Warwick

If you have any questions ask me over on the forum, or if you are in the Bidford area with a tired wooden kitchen, I have plenty of suggestions on how to turn back the clock.

Ron taylor hand painted kitchens warwickshireRon Taylor, a specialist painter and decorator based in Kenilworth, is the Traditional Painter responsible for hand painted kitchens throughout Warwickshire.

Ron is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the specification and application of water based and waterborne paints.


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