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Hand Painted kitchens in Devon & Cornwall – Traditional Painter Established 2012

Listed under Blog, Hand Painted Kitchens Devon & Cornwall, hand-painted kitchen, mhorag Macpherson Posted May 26 2022

 Traditional Painter’s recommended kitchen painter in the SW. She is probably getting caught daily in the local holiday traffic, but she completed the following two projects before the start of the season, and according to her clients the jobs went very smoothly


About Mhorag Traditional Painter in the South West

Mhorag Macpherson
Creating Beautiful Hand-Painted Kitchens and Furniture Since 2002

“Kitchen painting is the best way to transform your kitchen, from simply a place to prepare food, into a true work of art within your home”.

In 2002 I established my painting business after having spent two years studying paint effects, gilding and painting and decorating at Guildford technical college. I also have an arts degree from The University for the Creative Arts who are based in Farnham.

As well as painting new bespoke kitchens for prestigious companies such as Smallbone and Mark Wilkinson, I also repaint existing painted kitchens that are in need of some tender loving care, bringing them back to their original showroom condition. In addition, I offer a makeover service for customers with wood kitchens who are seeking a new look.

Whether you’re seeking a period
or contemporary stylisation you can rest assured that you will be in expert hands.

I am based in Devon but work in all the surrounding counties including Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset and am happy to travel further afield.
All my work is covered by Public Liability Insurance and every project is quoted for in full beforehand so you know exactly how much it will cost.

“Whatever the size of your project, I bring a real passion to what I do, offering a great range of hand-painting and decorative techniques to make your dream kitchen come to life”

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This first case study was a transformation of a custom made yew kitchen.

painted yew kitchen Devon

Spot the potential obstacles to overcome

Some readers might assume that painting kitchens is no different to general decorating, it is only a bunch of woodwork after all, how hard can it be.

When everything is brand new and goes swimmingly, it can seem like a straightforward albeit time-consuming experience. But when refurbishing older kitchens, painters need to be on their toes, spotting problems that, if overlooked, might create further problems later on in the process. For instance ill-fitting doors or drawers can bite a painter back at the worst possible moment, if not addressed at the right time. You could say it literally pays to have a good level of experience in this area, meeting and solving kitchen-related problems. Level of experience is also one aspect that the public should consider when looking to employ a kitchen painter. If something were to go wrong would they know the best solution?

Any problems?

When he went around to talk over the job with the client, the first impression of this kitchen was “custom made”. It boasted plenty of features and details to set it apart from the norm, especially the arched doors.

painted yew kitchen Devon

The plate rack would be a small challenge too, requiring some spray work. What colour would work for this space?

And a small but important detail that he noticed was how the previous coating on doors around the sink area hadn’t held up well from splashes over the years. As a result, a few of the timber doors had been swelling, creating damage that would have to be dealt with. It was not that big a problem in this case. He removes doors anyway for painting, and would make sure they were well dried out in his workshop before renovating them and applying any paint.

And the best way to avoid a repeat of this damage is?

a) to stop doing any washing up in the sink, ever. or

b) install a dishwasher. or

c) be aware, and make a habit of drying off the paintwork after using the sink.

Suggested answer below

Before and after

The kitchen was poorly lit, or cosy, but you can see the marked difference in lightness and brightness between the original natural timber and the painted finish. Dare I say the difference was night and day.

painted yew kitchen Devon

The clients certainly noticed a difference, returning from their holidays to find a brand new kitchen awaiting them.

And having eased their way back into working with the revitalised kitchen, they were very happy with how the paint stands up to use. 

The most practical answer, to maintain the integrity of painted doors in water affected areas is c). Also your local kitchen designer may have a trick or two up their sleeve when they build and install kitchens.

Project B, no mystery how this played out

Our painter covers the North, South East and West of the South West, and the second project was in Bigbury on Sea, South Devon, the backdrop to many an Agatha Christie TV show. This is the happy ending.

Cornwall paint finished kitchen and table

When I scanned through the report on this job, I misread and thought the house had been purchased on eBay and moved from London to the West Country. I had momentary visions of those US style trailer adventures. But no, it was the kitchen that had been purchased second hand.

Second hand kitchens? How does that work?

Buying second hand kitchens can be a viable option if you want to purchase a brand that could well be outside / way beyond your budget if bought new. Kitchen companies know how to charge!

Going the second hand route, the caveats are, patience – when looking for the right one it can take forever; speed – be ready to act fast when you find one; and if you succeed in finding one, please have a good joiner on hand who knows how to make things fit seamlessly.

And then of course, having a Traditional Painter on hand who knows how to make any surface look new. A touch of filler never goes amiss, and is never too much trouble.

Devon mahogany stain cupboardDevon mahogany stain cupboard

The half-cream painted, half-mahogany stained cabinetry was installed, worktops added, and then it was brought up to the top of its game with layers of an equivalent of “Holiday Blues 2” paint.

Devon blue cupboard painted

(Full pictures here)

Upcycle kitchens not just furniture

The takeaway here is that kitchen cabinets are very robust. Unless you have water damage, which as our painter demonstrated above, even then can be worked around, there really isn’t too much to go wrong with the core structure of a kitchen. And I doubt there is a drawer runner or hinge or knob or liner in most kitchens that cannot be replaced with off-the-shelf parts, at least as good if not more slick and modern than the originals.

Worktop replacements can be more difficult, as you need a plumber and sometimes extensive removal of units that rest on counter tops. But in general, with the right workmen in your area on hand, if you get tired of your kitchen, consider having it painted really well. You can squeeze many years of extra value out of your inherited kitchen. (More on refurbishing a kitchen)

Want your kitchen painted and you live in the SW?

If you are in Devon, N Cornwall or Somerset, contact Mhorag direct  at www.thepaintedcabinet.co.uk All Traditional Painter roads in the SW lead to the Cabinet Painter. We have a fairly simple contact form on this site that helps you upload photos, which is always a good first step, saving on very difficult visualisations over the phone!

Will collate the information we need and provide you with everything you need to make a decision, from the start date to the price and assurances. We are part of The Ombudsman Services: Consumer Ombudsman which protects you in case we lose our minds, and refuse to even try and solve a complaint!

Members are also covered by our Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) agreement with the Dispute Resolutions Ombudsman licensed by Trading Standards.In the unlikely event of a complaint about our workmanship, clients will be referred to our 2-step complaints procedure. We are legally bound to follow their recommendations. If in doubt about who you are employing, CONTACT PAUL AT TRADITIONAL PAINTER FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES
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