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It’s not just kitchens with hand painted mahogany!

Listed under alcro, Blog, hand-painted furniture, Purdy, Richard Willott Posted Mar 26 2014

Richard Willott, Traditional painter in Suffolk and E Anglia explains that his skills and knowledge don’t restrict him to hand painted mahogany in kitchens only!

This week I started my part of a major overhaul to a client’s home.

mahogany heaven

The process began last November when I received a phone call requesting a quote to hand paint their kitchen. They’d kept a leaflet I had delivered 3 years earlier, proof that self promotion and personal leaflet distribution does pay dividends in the long run.

After fully explaining the kitchen painting process and giving a detailed description of what was to be painted: insides, outsides, carcass edges, backs of drawers etc, I showed them a sample of the water-borne matt kitchen paint finish Alcro’s Servalac aqua matt. They inspected it, liked it, the price was agreed, I was booked in.

Can you paint anything other than kitchens?

On my return the following week with their colour samples, I was asked if I did normal decorating? They then gestured towards 17 mahogany doors like this:

mahogany door before

plus 9 large windows and 4 double patio doors which, although being Everest double glazed with dark metal frames, all had 5″ mahogany surrounds and reveals. Could I paint them in an off-white matt finish to the same standard as the kitchen door sample?

This is not just normal decorating! This is kitchen painting on a grand scale, with the added bonus of mahogany.

Mask, clean down, sand, prime

As in all specialist decorating once the surrounding area had been protected and given a wash over with Krud Kutter Original (available from mypaintbrush.co.uk), it was over to my Festool sanding equipment to do its thing. This is the extractor unit sitting quietly.

Festool extractor

Next, 2 coats of Zinsser B.I.N tinted in off white was applied, to ensure that none of that nasty mahogany bleed through would occur. I was using another top quality product, the 2″ FOX (available exclusively from mypaintbrush.co.uk) This British made brush is a really good performer in shellac primer and high adhesion oil primers, and a lot more.)

Top coat

After the primer had been denibbed and cleaned down, I next applied a coat of Alcro’s tinted primer/undercoat. This was then finished off with 2 coats of Alcro’s Servlac matt, tinted to an off-white colour. For this I used a Purdy 2″ sprig elite.

After so many panel doors, windows and patio doors, it was a long journey, but a perfect matt finish on painted mahogany – the same flawless finish that will grace the hand painted kitchen shortly.

white mahogany

Now onto that hand painted kitchen … updates coming soon. Follow progress on FaceBook and Twitter.

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