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How to wallpaper – tips and tricks

Listed under Blog, preparation, wallcoverings Posted Jul 16 2011

This is a compendium of posts from this and other sites related to the how’s, why’s and wherefores of wallpaper. From stripping, to lining to hanging finish wallpapers.


Stripping walls and preparing for painting This is a summary of how I go about wallpapering.

How to strip wallpaper with a smile on your face Don’t struggle with blunt scrapers and steam strippers. This is all you need for efficient preparation.

How to soak wallpaper– From airless to HVLP to garden sprayer to sponge or roller, loads of ways depending on circumstances.

Wallpapering tools – I keep it simple, and explain the tools I use and avoid.

How to mix wallpaper paste A video covering a basic but very important task. Look, no lumps. Courtesy of JG Decor, Yorkshire.

Lining paper

All about lining paper What can go wrong and how to avoid it. I urge you to place your trust in Beeline Primer Sealer or Zinsser Gardz as a size before any lining or wallpapering.

Why use lining paper – superb explanation from master paperhangers Colour Republic in Brighton.


How to wallpaper the tools I use and why.


How to remove an overlap in lining paper

Wallpaper problems – How to avoid and overcome wallpapering problems.

More issues here!

Related wallpaper services

Wallpaper calculator from Adrian Rayfield will tell you how much wallpaper to order. In this day and age where spare rolls of special order papers cannot be returned very readily, this calculator could save you a lot of money.

Wallpaper forum
We have a forum for wallpapering, if you have any specific questions to ask of some of the most experienced paperhangers around.

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2 comments to “How to wallpaper – tips and tricks”

  1. jason

    This looks like a really interesting article when I click on the link it comes up posterious space.

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    thanks for spotting that bad link

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