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kitchen renovations to sell your house

In this article on kitchen renovations to sell your house, we look at a win-win for all concerned. Before putting your house on the market, upgrade your drab wooden kitchen with a hand painted finish and remove a major obstacle to a sale.  Or if the kitchen in the property you are buying has a dated kitchen, negotiate the purchase price down, knowing you can cost-effectively transform it back to “new” with a hand painted finish.

A well installed custom oak or pine kitchen has a useful life of 20-30 years, but with the best will in the world, it will eventually look dated and may even look drab. If you are looking to put your house on the market, your high quality, but old, kitchen could be a deal breaker.

There is no doubt that this kitchen would struggle to inspire a buyer.

Hand Painted Oak Kitchen, Marea (2)

But if this newly hand painted wooden kitchen were in a house for sale, not only has the work added disproportionate value to the house, but the kitchen will now make a very good first impression on potential buyers.

Hand Painted Oak Kitchen, Marea (4)

For under £3000, this older wooden kitchen is no longer an obstacle to the sale. If anything, this approach would improve the chance of a sale.

Points to put the buyer at ease

Breathing space
The above painted oak kitchen has a useful and long life ahead of it and a new owner has plenty of time to consider, or save for, a brand new kitchen..

Luxury paint finish
The paint finish on the doors is the same quality as you will find on the most upmarket painted kitchens. (Just feel it… ) We know it compares to the best, because many Traditional Painters have worked for the best companies in the UK.

Simple to repaint to a colour of the buyer’s choice
If the new owners like the layout of the kitchen, but don’t like the colour,

pea green kitchen before

it is a very straightforward process to repaint in a colour they do want!

repainted kitchen Worcestershire

Kitchen renovations beyond a painted finish

If your kitchen is proving an obstacle to a sale, an upgrade can go a little further than a hand-painted finish.

Traditional Painters can work closely with a skilled designer and fitting team, to introduce a few other stylish and cost effective options to turn your blah kitchen into a talking point with buyers. Here are some simple ways to improve your dated kitchen, and improve the chances of reaching the asking price.

If you’re thinking of ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank, fitting new worktops can be really effective.

At one time, tiling was considered the only practical option for finishing the area behind the cooker, but now there’s a whole range of products available such as acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel and glass. There are some amazing splashbacks with matching upstands that have integrated LED colour mood lighting.

mandy farmer bespoke mosaic

Changing the handles is a simple idea but really effective,

Harrogate painted Kitchen door knobs

Consider making changes to the lighting or window dressing. Small and practical changes to dress up your kitchen can go a long way.

We’ve got lots of ideas for kitchen renovation.

Moved into a new home with a dire kitchen?

We were recently featured on Redfin, a US-based online estate agency. The topic was aimed at first time home buyers and outlined 13 design Mistakes made by new home buyers. Several designs and home improvement specialists offered advice on how to make your first home perfect without burying yourself in excessive bills and mountains of work. It is a good read.

Our tip was obviously about the heart of the home. If you have inherited a dire kitchen, we suggest you resist the pressure to lay out tens of thousands more on a new one and have it hand painted by a professional instead. That went down well with Redfin. And the same advice goes down well regularly with our own clients in that position.

Here is another angle to consider. As a buyer looking at a property with a dire kitchen, you are in a good position to negotiate the purchase price down. Base your offer on a realistic cost of a like-for-like replacement kitchen. You could then double down on the savings by calling in a kitchen painter to transform the ugly duckling into a lovely “new kitchen” for 10-15% of the cost of new. It could be a holding exercise til you have the money and energy for a new kitchen, or as with most of our clients, painting is a permanent solution.

What’s next?

If you have any questions, and want to discuss kitchen modifications beyond a hand painted finish and new handles, please contact us .

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Traditional Painter is an invitation-only, nationwide network of independent businesses, with years of professional experience. Every member of our team guarantees a showroom-quality, hand painted finish for your kitchen, with exceptional customer service at every stage.

Our transparent pricing structure ensures unwavering quality and service for kitchens of every style or size.

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