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How to get perfect paint finish on wood with Tikkurila Feelings

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, paint, tikkurila, video Posted Sep 05 2013

Mark Nash, master kitchen painter, explains how he uses a garden sprayer to get a perfect paint finish on wood with Tikkurila Feelings water-borne paint.

As Mark explains, the secret to the garden sprayer is in the nozzle size, it must be superfine. Also don’t use softened water. And he obviously recommends Tikkurila Feelings water-borne paint system.

Not a bad finish is it, with scrub ratio of 12000. Dulux etc scrub ratio of approx 8000.

Long lasting, I have never ever been called back to touch up or re-paint one of my kitchens. That speaks volumes about the paint.

And this is a close up of the finish.

If you would like to ask Mark any more about the Tikkurila Feelings paint, which he uses on almost every kitchen he ever does these days, (he covers London to Oxford and the M4 corridor) check out the Tikkurila paint thread over on the Traditional Painter forum.

Kitchen painting alternative style for home decorators

This is Mark demonstrating a different approach he sometimes takes to painting doors. The hinge configuration means it can be easier to paint the main body of the doors off the frame, and complete the edges and finish coat on the frame. No one rule, but this technique may work quite well for less confident home decorators a little bit daunted by handling doors when wet.

(One draw back, if you aren’t well practiced, you have to be careful of edges and surplus paint rolling down, if you work too fast or apply paint too liberally.) But either way, this is what Mark can do, and he is happy to share this technique with you.

The paint is Tikkurila Furniture Feelings over Tikkurila Furniture Feelings Primer Undercoat. Mathys Fair Decor is an option to add to the paint to condition it and to aid flow. Paint is rolled on with a flock short pile mini roller.

To demonstrate that a good technique goes a long way to achieving a great finish, Mark is using a fairly inexpensive combination sash brush and a Prodec Synthetic bristle brush (the X7 uses a similar blend of Solid Round Tapered bristles as for example a Corona Cody. As with all brush choices, your favourites are a combination of the bristle type, style of handle, weight / balance that suits your style and the paint you are applying…)

We tend to buy our paint from Holmans and sundries from * My Paint Brush

Mark Nash hand painted kitchens OxfordMark Nash is a leading participant in the Traditional Painter network of specialist kitchen painters.

If you are in the market for refurbishing a hand-painted kitchen in London Oxford / M4 corridor, check out his profile page. It is a testament to the skill and level of service from a 3rd generation master painter



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7 comments to “How to get perfect paint finish on wood with Tikkurila Feelings”

  1. andy rollings

    Cracking tip, off to the range now.

  2. Charles Budd

    I’d never have worked that out – great tips, thanks Mark. Does it only work with Tikkurila Feelings water-borne paints, or might it work with Little Greene or Mythic eggshells/semi-gloss?

  3. Miles Thompson

    That looks like a neat trick – intend to try it with Dulux Diamond Semi-gloss. (I’m in Canada.) So I trotted off to hardware store and bought a pump-up sprayer, as shown in the video, filled it with water and tried it out. Two observations:

    1) It puts out a fine mist, but an awful lot of water. One quick pass and the surface is wet.

    2) Wouldn’t that be almost the same as thinning the paint with a lot of water, e.g 25% or more?

    I’ll do some test panels and post back.

    Cheers – Miles

  4. Andy Crichton

    How are you getting on?

    “Sprayer, a very very FINE mist is all that’s needed, or nightmares on the painting front.” (From Mark Nash!)

  5. Martin Shilliday

    Can you tell me the make of brush that Mark uses in his video.
    I can’t quite make out the brand name.

  6. Andy Crichton

    If you go through this thread on brushes, there is a link to Royal and Langnickel

  7. George kenny

    Hi how much of the Mathys Fair Decor should i mix into the paint. Does it effect the colour or finish? Also how much sheen is the tikkerila? Sorry for all the q’s it’s hard to find good decorating advice. Thnx

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