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How to open a tin of Tikkurila

Listed under Blog, Mark Nash, tikkurila Posted Dec 20 2012

Traditional Painter Mark Nash knows a lot about a Finnish paint range called Tikkurila and has been spreading the word – about how to open a tin!

For some who have been trialling it, initially it has been a case of look but don’t touch the paint, as they literally can’t open the hi-tech lid before losing the will to live, and a few fingers in the process.

Like most things, though, there is a knack, and once you have it, it all makes perfect sense – as demonstrated by a painter who makes a lot of sense.

Tikkurila paints are available exclusively in the UK from Holman Specialist Paints (HSP) in Swindon. Mark has been using Tikkurila and HSP for 5 years now, and their technical support and drive for excellence has helped him develop into one of the UK’s leading kitchen painters.

Collaborating with the best suppliers helps us become better craftsmen

For so long, a relatively small percentage of decorators in the UK decorating trade have been swimming against the flow, striving first and foremost to do things right, and finding ways to work to an increasingly higher standard. But generally, they have been doing so in glorious isolation. This was especially true pre internet.

But now, thanks to universal internet access, a growing number of likeminded craftsmen are meeting up and coming together, and realising that we aren’t alone, and more importantly, are sharing their knowledge.

And suppliers with niche products (predominantly from overseas) that work better and safer and more cost-effectively than the mainstream servings, have also started to leverage the internet. They are coming out the shadows of the mega UK conglomerates who, in my generalised opinion, have holding the UK trade back, and are starting to make inroads into the market, finding open-minded and willing craftsmen to adopt their proven ways, so far hidden from general UK view.

Trade Corner – bringing specialist suppliers and end users together

Traditional Painter is home to 16 decorators who have always tried to push the envelope and we are happy to tell folks what we have found, and what works and what doesn’t. But that isn’t the full story of what is out there, hence the Trade Corner, which provides a platform for suppliers and manufacturers that we already trust, to show us other products that we don’t necessarily know about, but have been proven on the Continent or in USA, to work reliably.

As an example, the Holman Specialist Paints page on the TP Trade Corner highlights the Tikkurila range, almost unknown in UK, providing further info on the background to the company and an insight into the ethos of the Holmans team.

So, if you are decorators, keen DIY or homeowner looking for excellence in decorating, I think the Trade Corner is a simple and effective way to find the nuts and bolts of what really is out there, in terms of the best product and technique for a job.

And with 16 or so motivated specialists passing on their unbiased working experience and opinions in our blogs, I think that as time goes on, our readers can try new, as in new to UK, products, safe that they will work as well as our recommended decorating materials – which, to be clear, although well known to a few thousand regular readers here, are still very niche UK wide.

Mark Nash hand painted kitchens OxfordMark Nash is a leading participant in the Traditional Painter network of specialist kitchen painters.

If you are in the market for refurbishing a hand-painted kitchen in Oxford or London / M4 corridor, check out his profile page. It is a testament to the skill and level of service from a 3rd generation master painter


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