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How to label kitchen doors for painting

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen Posted Jun 01 2012

I have been asked a few times by professional painters how to label a kitchen door for painting.

It is best to avoid labelling! Ideally, take a door off, paint the edges and rehang it, to paint in situ, if possible. This way you never get out of synch. However, some hinge systems mean it is not always practical to remove and re-mount a door with each coat. These hinges for instance were surface mounted and fiddly with it.

oak doors prepared for painting

Labelling was the way ahead, a number or code for a door corresponding with a number on the frame it came from.

But what I had in mind for a label, didn’t quite correspond with this genuine attempt by an inexperienced painter to label the door!

label a kitchen door before painting

Was he on the right track, sort of…maybe? OK, no, it was a mile off.

The simplest and most reliable way to label a door is to mark it under where the hinge is going to be fixed. Or in the case of this very cool “marine” door, under the lock would have been fine.

label door number under hinge

In this example, though, the hinges were fiddly little surface mounted ones, so I left my mark on the inside of the door, underneath where the lock box was going back on.

label a door under the hinge

Then place a small piece of tape over the mark. Just make sure the tape is smaller than the fitting going back on.

tape over the mark

Now do what you have to do with the mark safe from paint and rubbing down. This is a first coat of Mythic Multi Purpose Latex primer.

mythic primer on varnished oak

Sand, apply second primer… sand back, eggshell, etc . The tape stays in place, your mark is safe underneath.

second coat of Mythic primer

When you have finished painting, remove the tape and the mark will be revealed, clear as day. Hang the door in the correct place and enjoy.

marked and painted

Furniture painting and kitchen painting is a time-consuming process, but do-able by keen DIYers. Check out this wealth of painting pine furniture information.

If it is not something you want to take on yourself, call in a professional.

If you look through this listing, there is probably a furniture painter and kitchen painter near you with a few different tricks of their own, but all have one thing in common – the highest quality end results.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “How to label kitchen doors for painting”

  1. Charles Budd

    Good tips Andy. Hope things are going well in sunny climes!

  2. Traditional Painter

    Ploughing ahead thanks, Charlie, lots of opportunities opening up, new ideas to expand the info on the site. Cheers for spreading the word

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