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How to apply Annie Sloan clear wax

Listed under Blog, RSS only Posted Apr 06 2012

Most of the work involved with using Annie Sloan chalk paint is taken up with applying the clear wax protective coatings.

Admittedly, Annie Sloan wax is soft and buttery, however, there is a quicker and more efficient way to wax. Instead of the usual approach…

melt the wax till it is like water.

Bain marie to the rescue.

Using a basic cooking technique, scoop wax into a mug, place mug in a melt proof container, pour boiling water into the container (not into the wax!) and wait a few minutes. There you have it, liquid wax. Almost as delicious to a painter’s eyes as melted chocolate is to a chocolatier.

The Wooster Pelican makes a great bain marie. It is a paint kettle made of very heavy duty poly something or other. I have a TDS coffee mug, and a cheapo kettle. That’s it.

Using the same techniques of old, whizz through the process, applying a lot of liquid wax with a thorough and even coating. It is fast to load your rag, because you dip only. It is fast to apply, because it is liquid. And it is less demoralising, especially when faced with large expanses of wardrobe side panels.

When the wax has dried off, buff it with a clean rag. Or if you have a lot to do, try the sheepskin and orbital sander approach to buff wax, as adopted by blokes with power tools.

If you have any tips or better ways of doing this, please let us know. Always willing to learn.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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One comment to “How to apply Annie Sloan clear wax”

  1. Rose Knickman

    I have painted and waxed an island. It seems that one side of the island bookshelf is a little more green than the other side. It does face a window. I did not notice this until I waxed. Any comments? Thank you! Rose

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