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How paint walls – best rollers and brushes to buy

Listed under Blog, Equipment, Painting Posted Jul 16 2011

I was invited to attend the recent TDS Decorating Trade Show in Derby. For my troubles, I was asked to set up a Tried and Tested stall to talk about some of the kit on sale at the show. I was obviously speaking from the point of view of a customer and decorator who works with this kit every day at work ie no commercial axe to grind.

As a starting point, I put together what I consider to be the best kit for painting walls and ceilings.

Wooster brushes and rollers

Pro decorators or DIY, if you never buy any other emulsion painting kit ever again, buy this set of Wooster rollers, brush and trays. This kit has made my life easier, improved the quality of my work, and made me more profitable.

This is an integrated rollering system, not a motley collection of screw-in handle frames from here, a broom handle from there, any old sleeve, any old skuttle.

Once you grasp the system, this kit will save you time and aggravation, enable you to produce beautiful finishes on walls and ceilings – and if you are a pro, it will earn you back the initial outlay time after time. I reckon you will also look back a few months down the line, and wonder how you ever got by with the bog standard kit being flogged off for years at the traditional merchants.

1 x 14″ Wooster roller frame
1 x 14″ Wooster pro doo-z sleeve 3/8″ pile
1 x Wooster Jumbo Koter (the 14″ mini roller)
1 pack of Wooster Pro Doo-z sleeves 4.5″ with 3/8″ pile
1 pack of Wooster Polar bear sleeves 4.5″
1 x Wooster Ultra Pro Soft 2.5″ brush
1 x Wooster Big Ben roller tray
1 x Wooster Pelican
1 pack of Pelican plastic liners
1 x Wooster Sherlock GT extension pole 2-4ft

Remember, I am an end user in the business of painting, not a Wooster rep. But if you want to get into the 21st century way of painting, get a hold of the Wooster range.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “How paint walls – best rollers and brushes to buy”

  1. Decorator Cornwall

    Another user of Wooster products here. Although I haven’t tried the much raved about Jumbo Koter, that will be on my next list of things to order from TDS.

  2. Alex

    I’ve been using Wooster kit for about 4 years, and couldn’t agree more. The only difference is I use the18″ roller and scuttle with lid as my standard which just speeds rolling up a bit. The brushes if cleaned well just keep going and going, I have one 2.5″ firm which has been in constant use for 3 years in white solvent based paints. THEY ARE THE BEST PAINTING TOOLS ON THE MARKET HANDS DOWN.

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