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Colour matching paint is the extra vital touch.

Listed under Blog, Holman Specialist Paints, paint Posted Mar 10 2014

holman logoWhy do we bang on about Holmans for specialist kitchen paints? Many reasons, but one is that they are masters at colour matching paint. It is their extra special touch.

I want this designer colour, do I have to have this designer paint?

We get asked all the time for colours from Farrow and Ball this, Little Greene that, Dulux the other. All these paint companies have their merits, but if they don’t offer a kitchen paint for example, that meets our particular specification, we can’t risk using the “wrong” paint just to get the “right” colour. And this is where Holmans shine and give everybody exactly what they want – quality and colour matched paint in harmony.

Holman Specialist Paints are able to provide primers and finishes (including the highly durable Feelings Furniture Paint for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinets) in any colour. Their experienced colour matchers are able to provide accurate equivalent shades that match colours from companies such as Farrow and Ball®, Paint and Paint Library®, and Dulux®.

Holmans have 150,000 colours in their database and for good measure, the perfect human colourists to get it just right too. All tinned up, packed and posted next day, if you want.

150,000 colours, bit OTT isn’t it?

colour swatchToo much choice isn’t good, but we have all been to a merchant and experienced tinting that doesn’t quite go right and the only choice is gallons of paint that is a few shades off, not mixed right, or the Magic Eye is yet again one shade off the designer paint card colour reference.

Colour matched primers!

Nothing like 4 coats all tinted the same for maximum depth of colour.

As an idea, you will get primers from Holmans that are accurately matched to designer colours. They can even mix Zinsser BIN in light shades more accurately than the topcoats mixed by national stores!

Colour match your own colour mixes

Say you have tinted a small amount of paint for a sample board, fiddled with it to get it right, then you have to provide 5 gallons of the stuff in the exact same colour.

Simplest solution is to post the sample to Holmans and ask them for 5 gallons of their finest paint in that colour please. That’s what you will receive back next day, if you need it that quickly.

It’s not always about the cheapest price, because a wrong tint can cost a lot of money on site.

All I can say is that we are really happy with the colour matching service at Holmans Specialist Paints, and when you think how many orders are spinning out all over the country every week, it is quite something. Try them 🙂

Trade Corner

Holmans are a valued member of Trade Corner, a platform to connect the best manufacturers and suppliers in our trade with their end users.

If you have any questions about their exclusive paint ranges, or tricky specs, they are big into intumescent paint too check out the HSP page and chat with them direct.

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