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Mirka Handy – a hand sanding block for Abranet & vacuum

Listed under abranet, Blog, Mirka, preparation Posted Aug 31 2012

Preparation is the most important aspect of decorating and the Handy by Mirka is a great solution for demanding trade professionals, DIY and homeowners, who want to see lots of filling and sanding, but don’t want their house and their lungs coated in dust. Mirka Handy, Abranet, CEROS, dust-free sanding… I think it is fair to say that Mirka deliver, hence why they are TP recommended suppliers.

Mirka, and Hallmark-Fraulo have put up an ongoing special offer on the Handy, exclusive to subscribers of the TP Newsletter. Definitely worth checking out.

For the past 2 or 3 years, I have been happy to bang on and on and on about the wonders of the Abranet system from a user point of view. Wayne de Wet has been involved with Mirka even longer, and was actively involved in fine-tuning Mirka’s Handy sanding kit.

Mirka landing page

Taking it one step further, Mirka (UK) now also have a dedicated area on Traditional Painter where you can read independent reviews on Mirka products, see videos, read their take on their 3 favourite Mirka decorating products, leave comments that their HQ will read. You can also ask questions direct on the Traditional Painter Abrasives forum and the specialists, including Wayne, will help explain or advise.

Interface pad for Mirka Handy

Mirka sanders, be they manual or mechanical come with interface pads which protect the sanders’ velcro base. So you add the interface pad, then attach your Abranet abrasive. They come in different thicknesses too, thin for basic sanding, and extra padded that give you some versatility for profiles and polishing. There has been a bit of “noise” about the lack of interface pad for the Handy.

Is this what has been missing?
Mirka Handy interface pad

Mirka handy Interface pad

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4 comments to “Mirka Handy – a hand sanding block for Abranet & vacuum”

  1. Charles Budd

    I’ve already worn out my first handy – yes, I could have done with an interface pad! I use my second handy far less now I have a Ceros – but it’s still great for corners and the tops of skirting boards especially.

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    A worn out Handy is a testament to your maniacal prep routines!

    It seems that the interface pad is the most talked about aspect of a Mirka Handy. I’m just waiting for a square format CEROS with a delta pad accessory, with selection of interface pads of course, then I can retire happy 🙂

  3. Leah

    Hi, I paint a lot of carved furniture, many with curved surfaces and queen Anne legs & the like. Would this system be any good for that? I’m using annie sloan chalk paint, and as I am sanding after the first coat of wax, I’m finding that I get a lot of immediate sand paper “caking” using regular sandpaper. This system looks like it would definitely help with that problem, though perhaps only on flat, uncarved surfaces?

  4. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Abranet is very flexible. Try interface pads on their own with Abranet ie 5mm thick foam that you can attach Abranet to, to create a very flexi sanding pad. Also a quiggy foam block. Abranet is also very kind to surfaces when rubbing down. It won’t do everything, but not far off.

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