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Handmade Children’s Toy Chest – made in Ireland

Listed under Adam Bermingham, Blog, hand-painted furniture Posted Dec 08 2013

This post is a short deviation from the norm! Roscommon based furniture painter Adam Bermingham shows how he actually makes a Handmade Children’s Toy Chest, that he varnishes or paints, to order.

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

These toy chests are the first in a range of furniture built in my workshop in Roscommon. I will be doing a series of posts on how they are made, finished, advertised and sold using local materials and companies, an ethos that runs right through my business…


handmade children's toy chest This week on my twitter page I went through, stage by stage, how these boxes are constructed. I won’t say it’s easy but with a basic knowledge of carpentry and some good tools, most people could make one for themselves…

Lets take a look at what you’ll need.

Both tools and materials…


I used my Dewalt Compound Mitre Saw to cut all the pieces of timber to size before construction but a good quality hand saw with a medium/fine tooth will do the job just as well. Measuring tape, ruler, set square & pencil are all essential, “measure twice, cut once,” isn’t that what they say?

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

A variety of woodworking tools including files & chisels are a great help. A claw hammer & a pin hammer, most people have already. The most important thing to have is probably a good quality cordless electric drill. Many of the tasks here would be impossible, or at least very time consuming without one.

Let’s get started…

My Hand Painted Furniture on Twitter

You can adjust the measurements of the box to suit your own needs, this one is 97cm wide, 41cm high & 45cm deep. Let’s take a look at some of the tweets I posted last week during the construction of one of these boxes…

handmade children's toy chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Handmade Children’s Toy Chest

Over the coming weeks there will be more info and variations on this standard model, including a painted version; a version with a fully opening lid coated in clear varnish for extra protection. Why not have a go at making one yourself, this is what they can look like…

Handmade Children's Toy Chest

Joseph & Sons kitchen painting furniture painting West IrelandSpecialist painter and decorator, Adam Bermingham, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted furniture and kitchens Ireland.

Joseph & Son is Adam & Tom Bermingham, a father & son team with diverse backgrounds covering specialist painting and decorating, antiques and interior design.


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One comment to “Handmade Children’s Toy Chest – made in Ireland”

  1. Adam

    Good luck to Traditional Painter reader Alan who I spoke to this morning.

    He is 70, has 5 grandchildren & is starting work a toy chests for each of them in time for Christmas.

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