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Where are they now? Handi-pads sponge sanders for trade and DIY

Listed under abranet, Blog, preparation Posted Dec 09 2012

handi pads Not to be confused with the Mirka Handy sander, the Handi-pads sponge sanders are a range of foam sanding blocks that come in several different formats and size. They have a hook-and-loop backing, so as opposed to most sanding pads, which are the foam and abrasive combined, you can add and remove a variety of grades of hook-and-loop sanding paper.

I had my first view of the Handi-Pads was at the 2012 National Painting and Decorating Show, and they come in round, rectangular, delta, tiny or large, they felt comfortable in the hand, and seemed robust.

My default question with any sanding system nowadays is:- can I use Abranet with this sander? The answer with Handi-Pads is a resounding YES! So for me, in theory, the Handi-Pads adds up to a flexible and well thought-out sanding kit, looks suitable for trade use, and therefore, would suit keen DIY decorators too.

Handi-Pads video

This corporate vid gives a good insight into the pads in action.

But where are they now? They are unavailable even on Amazon. That’s a shame.

DIY and trade, if you still use one, send your feedback on Handi-Pads

For future reference I have set up a thread on the TP forum where you can leave your thoughts and let us know how you are or were using Handi-Pads. Or leave a comment below.

In general, I am particularly interested to know if DIY painters see the benefits of professional decorating kit. The popular line is that DIY don’t want to pay anything for anything, so supply them cheap stuff. The unpopular line is that I get emails from Mrs X in Leicester, asking where can she buy a really good brush, or abranet, or Zinsser primers etc because they are fed up with the hopeless results of using cheaply made kit… and for every 1 mail written, the stats say that hundreds haven’t bothered to put pen to paper, to express the same thing.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “Where are they now? Handi-pads sponge sanders for trade and DIY”

  1. Charles Budd

    I forgot to buy some at the P&D show, will have to order now. Wayne’s idea to have them in even more shapes is a brilliant one. A pure triangle to get into corners and just quickly turn when one point wears, and a small and large curved selection for mouldings would be great too. The ‘selection pack in a box is a good idea, with separates available to buy as they wear. Now, can they put dust extraction holes in them…?

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Maybe you can drill holes in your new handi-pads and tell us if it is a goer.

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