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How many coats to hand-paint kitchen cabinets

This is related to the services offered on the main page Hand-painted kitchens. How many coats to hand-paint kitchen cabinets? That depends on the task in hand.

How many coats to upgrade a wooden kitchen?

My standard specification is to prepare and apply 4 coats of paint, sanding between coats. This is suitable for:

Clear lacquered oak or pine doors

Foil wrap laminate or melamine

* B – If you have a new un-primed kitchen from a budget “factory-prices” online custom kitchen company, then I would tend to apply 2 coats of high performance oil primer undercoat plus 2 finishing coats of oil eggshell, or one or two primers plus 3 coats of water-based paint. Again, 4 is the sweet spot for the number of coats for a high quality & durable finish.

If you have a new pre-primed kitchen, then I would tend to apply 1 coat of high performance oil primer undercoat plus 2 finishing coats of oil eggshell, or one primer undercoat plus 2 coats of water-based paint. This is the absolute minimum for a high quality & durable finish.

* C – If your kitchen has already been professionally hand-painted and it is still in good condition preparation plus 2 finishing coats may be realistic option if you want a colour change rather than a refurbishment.

But in general, I would say 3 coats is the starting point for a top hand-painted kitchen job.

*D – Specialist paint effects can be applied once your kitchen has been painted with any of the above approaches. If you are interested in something really special, please contact the Traditional Painter in your area to discuss the options.

These are good paints for kitchen cabinets

If you are looking to skimp on coats or just freshen up a kitchen with a cheap coat of paint, please don’t ask us. It isn’t fair on anyone. It is a waste of your money, and stores up a problem for the near future.

There are other options for refurbishing a kitchen and buying (or selling) a second hand kitchen.

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