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Hand painted kitchens in N London and E London

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Lorna Roughneen Posted Sep 04 2019

This is a summary of recent Hand painted kitchens in N London and E London by Traditional Painter Lorna Roughneen.

Coincidentally these are manufactured by Christchurch Kitchens. We have no affiliation with the company but do seem to get a lot of calls from their customers to paint their kitchens to perfection.

Their customers receive a kitchen looking like this.

Christchurch kitchen ready for painting Hand painted kitchens in N London and E London
Christchurch kitchen ready for fitting and painting

Clients arrange for a fitter, plumber and electrician to complete the installation. Once all the contractors have left, Lorna moves in to apply her paint magic. The tulipwood and MDF units end up transformed in spectacular fashion.

Hand painted kitchen in SE London

This kitchen was the one in bits at the top! It now looks a million dollars in old money. The island is in a contrasting colour as seen below
Island, Belfast sink, neat touches like the door furniture, and window frames tied into the overall scheme

Hand painted kitchen in Essex

Lorna has also been called beyond E London to paint kitchens in Essex. Gravesend is another hand painted kitchen better off!

Hand painted kitchens in N London and E London

Christchurch kitchens are delivered in any combination of units ready for painting. There are base units, wall units, larder doors, pan drawers, false fronts for washing machines or fridge freezers and more.

Lorna primed the woodwork, filled, sanded and finished all surfaces with durable waterborne furniture enamel. Lorna can match the paint accurately to practically any colour of your choice.

The above are examples of new kitchens. The majority of Traditional Painter projects, however, involve refurbishing older wooden kitchens. We have written hundreds of case studies and instructions about transforming dated kitchens that are still in good working order. We also repaint previously painted kitchens. And unfortunately we see a growing demand for putting poor workmanship right.

The approach to preparation is different for new or older kitchens, but once the surface has been filled and primed, the end result will be equally spectacular. You will be looking at a showroom quality finish in your home.

If you are considering a painted kitchen

Lorna has recently relocated back to her home turf north of the river. She is again the first port of call for hand painted kitchens in N London and E London for Traditional Painter.

Barrie Thompson has taken on Lorna’s mantel painting kitchens in Essex for Traditional Painter. He has some beautiful examples to his credit.

hand painted kitchen Essex

With 40 years of specialist painting experience behind him, Barrie is a very reliable addition to the Traditional Painter team.

Consistent service

Whether you live in N London, Essex, Norfolk, Yorkshire or elsewhere, the Traditional Painter member local to you will deliver this high quality finish and service. These are some case studies showing the consistency of service. You can use the map locator on most pages of the site to contact your recommended kitchen painter

Be careful if companies claim like-for-like quotes.

Traditional Painter charges £100 a door. It is a formula we devised back in 2010. It ensures that clients receive the highest quality workmanship and ensures our members can deliver their very best work every time. We are not ashamed to publish our rates so everyone knows where they stand. Thousands of kitchens have been painted on this basis.

It is obviously not unusual for other kitchen painters to try copy the same formula and knock a few pounds off to try swing the job. That is up to them and the client to decide if the pricing is viable. There are excellent kitchen painters all around the country, but as I often say, there is more to painting than applying a nice coat of paint. Customer service and integrity and honesty are just a few of the qualities that come part and parcel with Traditional Painter members.


As far as we are aware, we are the only kitchen painters offering our clients the peace of mind of an Ombudsman-run Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. In the unlikely event of a complaint that we cannot handle in-house, we will refer you direct to the Ombudsman. They are licensed by Trading Standards to mediate independently with no bias. Any recommendations they make, we are legally obliged to carry them out at our own expense. There is no charge to clients for this option.

Offering clients an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service is actually a legal requirement for companies in the decorating trade. Who knew! I believe the country’s biggest painting and decorating trade group runs their own ADR services for their members. You might want to verify the checks and balances they have in place.

What’s next?

For a free quote for Hand painted kitchens in N London and E London, you can contact Lorna direct via her website. Photos of each elevation is usually sufficient information to set the ball rolling with an accurate budget price. From there you can decide to proceed further, or not.

If you are a keen DIY or trade decorator you are welcome to check out our forum which is chock full of information on doing painting right.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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