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hand painted kitchen specialist in Cheshire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Scot Hindley Posted Mar 28 2014

Traditional Painter’s hand painted kitchen specialist in Cheshire, Scot Hindley is the latest expert to join our trusted band of kitchen and furniture painters.

As you may know, this website is home to 20+ independent professional kitchen painters who are currently working in most areas of the UK. Members of the public, and trade, with a hand-painted kitchen project, can contact any of the specialists direct, confident that they are dealing with bona fide businesses with the knowledge and skills to complete work to the highest standards.

Scot is a very skilled craftsman and has actually been part of the Traditional Painter group since 2013, when he was invited to handle trickier period property decorating projects. Since joining the trade some 20 years ago, he has steadily built up his own portfolio of kitchen and furniture painting, and fine finishing, and an opportunity has since enabled me to invite him to handle all our kitchen enquiries in East Cheshire.

Scot has taught me a thing or two about paint! He has been very uptodate with developments in the paint industry, and his knowledge of water-borne paints and woodwork finishing is impressive by any standards. He confirms that the network of decorators I am a part of have a lot in common, namely our passion for the trade and willingness to share our knowledge. When we approach our work, be it painting kitchen cabinets or painting a door, it is not just a job. We throw ourselves into what we do, heart and soul, always trying to do that little bit better each time, or work smarter or more efficiently. Scot is definitely wired that way.

Hand painted kitchen service for Cheshire

If you are in Cheshire and have an enquiry for hand-painted kitchens, Scot is now available to help with your next project. He works to our tried and tested pricing structure(£100/door) to arrive at a price that enables us to deliver the highest standard of work and lavish the attention to detail that your kitchen deserves.

Scot is a very likeable man and will not let you down. And if you want to talk fishing, well, you landed a great catch!

Homeowners in East Cheshire looking for a no obligation quote from a hand painted kitchen specialist, can contact us or ask any questions via our contact page!

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