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hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Richard Willott Posted Jan 09 2019

Richard Willott of FX Decor Ltd is Traditional Painter for East Anglia. Richard’s first post of the year is about a hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood.

hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

The village in south Norfolk, England is located 11 miles west of Norwich, next to the market town of Wymondham. Try pronouncing Wymondham if you are not local.

Background to hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

This project was completed right at the tail end of 2018, however this is proof that good things are worth waiting for! The clients first enquired about hand painting this fantastic waxed pine kitchen 2 or 3 years ago.

hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

I was told it was a Bryan Turner Kitchen. Having worked for Bryan Turner for many years, I knew the quality of this kitchen would be first class. His workmanship is consistently high. Sure enough, this was one of his earliest kitchens and had been shared with the family and their 6, yes 6 St Bernards, and it was still in excellent condition.

A common question is: Can you successfully paint a waxed pine kitchen?

I put my clients’ mind at rest, assuring them that with good preparation, you can achieve a durable and beautiful finish with modern acrylic enamel paint. (There are plenty of examples throughout this site.) There is a lengthy process, stripping all the wax prior to any painting, but ultimately a first class finish is achievable.

Down to work

Eventually the start date arrived and I set to, dismantling the kitchen. The doors and drawer fronts would be prepared and painted in my workshop, and the carcasses would be completed in situ.

Preparation of waxed woodwork

Windows open, gloves on, out with the methylated spirits and wire wool. Don’t stop till the last traces of wax have been removed. To be doubly sure, I wiped everything down a final time with meths.

The sanding process could then begin, as the abrasive pads would not be clogged and ruined with wax.

I followed the same cleaning process on the doors back in the workshop.

There is a misconception that wax isn’t particularly durable. But this kitchen was proof that if waxing is done well, in multiple thin layers, it can last a long time. Remarkably after 20 years there was still an awful lot of wax left on most of these doors. Thorough preparation was vital.

hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

Paint a pine kitchen

I use Beckers, a Scandinavian furniture paint from the same stable as Tikkurila paint. The specification is two coats of adhesion primer, one undercoat-primer and two top coats.

This is a low odour waterborne system. The colour is the Becker’s equivalent of Oxford Stone.

Once all the painting was completed in the workshop, all the doors were carefully wrapped and returned to site. I completed all the carcasses in the same way, cleaned all the hinges, hung all the doors and fitted new door furniture.

hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

As you can see, the transformation is stunning and the clients were absolutely delighted with how I gave a new lease of life to their 20 year old pine kitchen.

hand painted waxed pine kitchen in Wicklewood

If you need any advice about refurbishing your kitchen with a painted finish, Richard’s profile page is here. You can find his contact details, further examples of his work, information on his extensive trade background and testimonials. He can also be contacted direct on his website at FX Decor

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