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Hand painted kitchen Tulsk

Listed under Axus, Blog, erecta rack, hand-painted kitchen, krudkutter, tikkurila Posted Jun 29 2014

In this post Traditional Painter in Ireland Adam Bermingham discusses a recent contract for a hand painted kitchen Tulsk, a village half way between Roscommon Town & the town of Boyle.

The client had been thinking about a Hand Painted Kitchen for some time when her husband spotted an advert for My Hand Painted Furniture in the local newspaper…

hand painted kitchen

Local Advertising

As many of you may know, our main focus at My Hand Painted Furniture with regards to marketing & promoting the business generally is the internet. This website, our facebook, twitter & other social media are how we get the name out there, so to speak. If you type “hand painted kitchen” into Google I think you will easily find us.

hand painted kitchenI thought print media was a thing of the past, but it seems there is life in the old dog yet. I got a call from the Roscommon People, a local free newspaper. They told about what they could offer me & I said “What the hell.”

It has really paid off, bringing in 10 times the cost of the investment… & counting.

This is how Ann & Paddy came to hear about My Hand Painted Furniture, & I’m very glad that they did…


This is what the kitchen looked liked on the day I visited to give my quotation & help the client with the process…

hand painted kitchen

As you can see from the variations in the shade of the wood, there have been add-ons over the years & although the overall condition was good, it did look a little tired.

We discussed my specification, colours, start & finish dates & cost. Once all this was agreed, we signed some paperwork, they paid the deposit & we shook hands. Six weeks later I returned to start work…

Preparation, Cleaning & Sanding

A feature of my process that many of my clients find attractive is the schedule. Roughly speaking, week one is spent on site, concentrating on the frame of the kitchen & week two is spent in my workshop applying the 4 coats on the doors.

The first day in Tulsk went very smoothly. First, all the doors & drawers were removed, labeled & loaded into the van. Next, all surfaces were cleaned using my favorite de-greaser Krudkutter. (This has since been discontinued and replaced by Fluxaf Pro Clean.)

The 2 images below are from a different kitchen, but illustrate perfectly how good Krud Kutter is. I use a course scouring pad, & in a lot of cases, this is enough to key the surface prior to painting…

hand painted kitchen

Before Cleaning

hand painted kitchen

After Cleaning

Once the doors & drawers were removed most of the body & frame of the kitchen, either laminate or veneer, required basic sanding. The cornice spanning the entire kitchen & some end panels needed more attention, but by hand with a fine sanding pad, no need for the power sander in this kitchen.

Once the sanding is complete I vacuum & wipe down every surface thoroughly with a tack cloth, *Axus Decor tack cloths are very good.

At this stage I masked up everything, tiles, counter top, floor etc. (I don’t see the point in going mad with sheeting up before cleaning & sanding, as it’s going to get dirty & damaged.) With that done it’s time to open our first tin of paint, Tikkurila Otex


The choice of primer depends on a number of factors. Before I discovered Tikkurila I may have opted for Zinsser B-I-N or Coverstain, but these tins are not as commonly seen in my workshop these days. The surfaces of this kitchen are either laminate or oak veneer so Tikkurila Otex is my choice, it often is.

In the images below you can see how well it performs. I thin it a little with white spirit, but only a touch, to aid the flow…

hand painted kitchen

To apply the primer I used a variety of equipment including one of my “go to” brushes, the Corona Cody. I also used the *Fox Sash Brushes in a variety of sizes & *Fox Roller Sleeves, both available from My Paint Brush.co.uk, just follow the links.

*hand painted kitchen

*Erecta Rack

In my blog posts I discuss the idea of “game changing” products & this is definitely one such product. Seen above in my workshop is *Erecta Rack & I can’t really believe I painted kitchens for so many years without one. I will publish a detailed review of this product soon, but for now *follow this link for more info…

Tikkurila Empire

hand painted kitchen
For top-coats I used another paint available from Holmans Specialist Paints, Tikkurila Empire.

I’ve not been using this particular oil based satin/eggshell for long, but it is well known within Traditional Painter group, and I have been very impressed. 2 coats of Otex & 2 coats of Empire will handle almost any substrate. Not ideal for every style of kitchen, it would have a sheen level too high for very traditional kitchens, but never-the-less a fantastic product…

Hand Painted Kitchen

With the frame & all “on site” work completed during week 1, & all the doors completed in the workshop during week 2 & I refitted everything and this hand painted kitchen was complete.

Here are some pictures of the final result along with some of the comments the client made on their Customer Feedback form…

hand painted kitchen

From the day Adam called to look at our kitchen, until the day he finished, everything went so smoothly…

hand painted kitchen

He worked so efficiently & he was a pleasure to have in the house. Words cannot describe the end result…

hand painted kitchen

It is just a complete transformation, I am just thrilled with it…

Perfection is the one word that springs to mind.

Thank you for reading & Happy Painting.

My Hand Painted Furniture kitchen painting furniture painting West IrelandSpecialist painter and decorator, Adam Bermingham, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted furniture and kitchens Ireland.

My Hand Painted Furniture is Adam & Tom Bermingham, a father & son team with diverse backgrounds covering specialist painting and decorating, antiques and interior design.


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