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Hand Painted Kitchen in Sligo

Listed under Adam Bermingham, Blog, brushes, hand-painted kitchen, Holman Specialist Paints, tikkurila Posted Nov 11 2014

Adam Bermingham, Traditional Painter in Ireland talks us through a Hand Painted Kitchen in Sligo. A picturesque part of the country & a tired pine kitchen updated for great clients in time for their daughter’s wedding…

hand painted kitchen in Sligo

Hand Painted Kitchen in Sligo

hand painted kitchen in Sligo

There was more work here than the number of doors would lead you to believe. Included in the contract was the remainder of the room; walls ceiling & woodwork. I had the beautiful scenery above to look at for a full 2 weeks.

Before the Painting can start…

Six weeks before the start date I had visited the house to view the kitchen, discuss the project with the clients & make the booking. Below is a picture of what the kitchen looked like before I started, in fact a couple of doors have been removed. A mixture of solid timber, veneer & laminate…

hand painted kitchen in sligo

First things first, all the doors & drawers off, labeled & back to the workshop. I get a lot of work done on these in the morning before I leave & in the evening when I get back. Two hours per day over 2 weeks is 20+ hours over a fortnight, that’s a good chunk of work done…

hand painted kitchen in sligo

Cleaning, a very important process, often forgotten.

“If I’m going to be sanding the doors anyway, what’s the point in cleaning them first?”

In the majority of cases it would be totally unnecessary to sand enough to remove dirt & grease, hand painted kitchen in Sligo& in the process clog up a ton of sanding discs. What’s required on the majority of doors, especially a veneered door like the ones seen above, is a deep clean & a key of the surface, I use 220 grit paper.

On a recent kitchen contract in Bushfield, from a grease point of view the worst I have ever tackled, I used Tikkurila Maalinpoisto, a paint stripper, diluted 50/50 with water & it worked a real treat. But on this kitchen in Sligo I opted for my standard cleaning product Krud Kutter.

A simple process, dilute roughly 2 parts in 10 with water (you can increase this amount for tough tasks), spray on & leave for 10 minutes, let it do it’s work. Then out with a coarse scouring pad, be sure to get into every corner. Rinse well & it’s time to sand…

Preparing the Surface for Paint

Once the surfaces are fully dry after cleaning it’s time for sanding, providing a key for the primer to adhere to. Very few large, flat areas in this kitchen, so I mostly used a 180 grit sanding pad. The doors, back in the workshop, were a different story. Sanded front & back with 240 grit orbital sander with molding & edges sanded by hand…

hand painted kitchen in sligo

Some of the doors were heavily gouged along the bottom. They needed extra attention, as seen above.

Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer

For many years I used Zinsser Coverstain as my “go to” oil based primer. But thanks to Mark Nash & others at Traditional Painter I use Tikkurila Otex, it really is a fantastic product. Easy to use, amazing coverage & sands glass smooth ready for top-coats…

hand painted kitchen in sligo

Seen here is one coat applied to a medium shade veneer. It really is a peerless primer.

To apply Otex I use a standard set up these days. Fox Paint Brushes in a variety of sizes right up to 3 inch for the door backs seen above, Fox Sash Brushes for detail & Fox Sleeves for getting large areas covered as fast as possible.

2 coats of Otex applied, a rub down followed by vacuum & it’s time for top-coats…

Tikkurila Furniture Feelings

For finishing I opted for Tikkurila Furniture Feelings, a water based finish best described, in my opinion, as semi gloss, a mid-sheen level. These days, I use Feelings or Helmi Matt, also from Tikkurila, if water based is in order.

My choice of sheen level depends on a number of factors. In this case, natural light was minimal so I chose Feelings. In other cases I might choose Helmi Matt, a softer finish that works very well in grey shades for example.

hand painted kitchen in sligo

Above & below are examples of the finish achievable with Tikkurila coatings. No need for additives, a little water to aid flow.

hand painted kitchen in sligoTo apply Tikkurila Furniture Feelings I use a variety of equipment, most of which is available from My Paint Brush.co.uk…

Purdy Monarch

Corona Knight

Fox Roller Sleeves

Fox Sash Brushes

Good kit is vital to achieving a flawless, professional finish. Click on the links above to view these products. My Paint Brush is at the cutting edge of new developments in painting equipment, leading the way with “The Fox” range.


To keep disruption to a minimum & complete contracts in the shortest time possible, this is how we go about hand painting your kitchen…

As outlined above, all the doors are removed and brought back to the workshop. This takes place approximately one week before we start on the frames, and takes 4-5 days on average. Over the 2 week period, work on the doors continues with the goal of having all complete by this time.

Of course these are rough estimates & depending on a number of factors including size & condition. This is one major advantage of employing a company with a specialist workshop.

The Finished Product…

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

hand painted kitchen in sligo

The colour here is the equivalent of “White Tie” mixed into the coatings outlined above by Holmans Specialist Paints.

I was very pleased with the results here, as was the client. To book a consultation for your upcoming Hand Painted Kitchen in Sligo , email adam@myhandpaintedfurniture.com, log on to Facebook or call 085 7570351.

Happy Painting.

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