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Hand painted kitchen S Ireland

Listed under Blog Posted Apr 09 2013

Adam Bermingham of My Hand Painted Furniture is the peron to call for a Hand painted kitchen S Ireland. He explains how he tackled this oak kitchen refurbishment.

Meeting & Talking to the Client

Hand Painted Kitchens in Longford

The client for this hand painted kitchen contacted me through my Facebook page. She emailed a number of pictures to me & explained the work she was looking to have done.

She had seen a kitchen that she liked & asked that only the doors, drawers etc. be painted & the frame be left in a natural oak finish. The handles were all to be replaced, so these holes would need to be filled.

After explaining the process, what’s involved & the time it takes, we decided it would be best for me to remove the doors & paint them off site. They have two young children & was worried about the disruption to both them & me.

We decided on “Ivory White” in Dulux Trade Eggshell & finalized arrangements about times & invoicing.

Cleaning, Sanding, Filling & Priming

Careful removal of all the doors & drawers is first remembering to mark each one to make replacement easier & quicker later. Before painting place a piece of tape over the mark.

mark door before painting

The process is simple but time-consuming. First de-grease the surface then sand off the previous finish back to a bare surface.

Then I use a spray shellac primer, Zinsser B-I-N the seal the knots in the timber.

Zinsser BIN + Coverstain

Once dry these knots are filled & the surface is sanded again with a finer grit before the first coat of primer is applied, Zinsser Coverstain, an oil based multi-surface primer.

At this stage fill any holes, cracks or surface imperfections, and after a further sanding, apply a second coat of primer.

fine surface filler

With a sound surface now created, it’s on to the eggshell topcoats.

Equipment Used for a Hand Painted Kitchen

Hand painting a kitchen is a skilled process & requires high quality equipment. Good preparation of the surfaces is key to a flawless & durable finish.

hand painted kitchen

Below is an image of the equipment I use to apply primer, with an explanation of what each is…

hand painted kitchens

1. Corona Comet for small detailed areas & for laying off beveled edges

2 *. 2 inch Wooster Alpha for painting molded features

3. 1.5 inch Wooster Alpha for laying off large flat areas

4. 4 inch foam roller for fast application of the paint

The equipment for applying the top coats is almost the same except that used a new brush in my kit, the Corona Knight. This brush will now never be absent from my hand painted kitchen box. Paint pick-up was excellent for applying paint direct & it is very lite making it perfect for laying off. All Corona brushes mentioned available direct from Corona Brushes UK

hand painted kitchen

Eggshell Top Coats

The client specified “Ivory White” in Dulux Trade Eggshell applied with a 4 inch foam roller, Corona Comet & 2 inch Corona Knight. The doors & drawers get 2 coats with sanding after the first.

Coated (Backs)

paint backs of kitchen door

With the doors & drawers completed & carefully refitted, My Hand Painted Furniture has another satisfied customer. A newly painted kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Joseph & Sons kitchen painting furniture painting West IrelandSpecialist painter and decorator, Adam Bermingham, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted furniture and kitchens Ireland.

Joseph & Son is Adam & Tom Bermingham, a father & son team with diverse backgrounds covering specialist painting and decorating, antiques and interior design.


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