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Hand-painted kitchen preparation – day 2

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen Posted Sep 01 2011

This is where I left off yesterday on the first day of a hand-painted kitchen project

All the floor and worktops protected, doors and drawers removed and labelled, inside of cabinet frames masked off.

Today was cleaning down the doors and drawers day, mission to make sure there was no grease or chemical residue left to contaminate the surface before priming.

I wiped over the edges first with a soggy sponge, then wet abraded every edge using wet n dry abrasives also dipped in water. Complete all 4 edges before doing the panels.

When there is a white residue, to my eye that is sufficient sanding. I prepare one side, then wipe it off clean with a coarse towel. To get into the profiles, I use a small headed screwdriver wrapped in the towel.

The scraper is to remove the plastic anti-slam domes in each corner.

It takes time, but in the scheme of things, if this stage is done correctly, the rest of the job is a pleasure. The small door in the front shows wear and tear from greasy paw prints around the handle, the door behind is nice and clean and ready for painting.

I often get a frosty stare when I point out grease to clients, but all I’m saying is, even with regular cleaning, it is what you would expect after 16 years of use, and if painting is the desired option, then it needs a really deep clean in these sort of areas.

Skimp and you will regret it later on with lifting paint, or bobbles under the paint. Not what the clients are paying for!

Rinse and repeat.

In cases of severe grease, usually on doors around the oven area, I squirted some KrudKutter, left it a minute or two then sanded it clean.

There are over 20 doors, 10 drawer fronts ad the frames, so I expect to be finishing off the cleaning and sanding around lunchtime of Day 3.

A workman was there today and when I said it was being hand-painted, he suggested spray painting would be quicker. Maybe it is, but even sprayers would have to go to the same lengths for cleaning.

See you later for an update.

And if you have a kitchen that needs the pro touch, take a look for a kitchen painter in your area.

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