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Hand painted kitchen Lancashire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, krudkutter, Owatrol Posted Sep 23 2012

When called into to do a Hand painted kitchen Lancashire, the be-all and end-all of our professional finishes is preparation. Clean with a product like Fluxaf ProClean before abrading every inch, and priming with Zinsser BIN or other primer suited to the substrate.

With the preparation over, then you can think about finishing with eggshell or satin.

Hurry that simple process and the job will be compromised.

All preparation is not the same

There is is a logical approach to kitchen painting, but no set priming system works every time, because each kitchen has different surfaces, different challenges. However, where you have a resinous wooden substrate, like oak, you might be safest with a shellac based primer.

Zinsser BIN is shellac based, not very user-friendly, but is tried and tested and sticks, to provide a solid base for topcoats.

One trick to overcome its difficult nature is to shake the BIN first thing in the morning on a mixing machine, which keeps it loosened up for the day. BIN cleans off in methylated spirits.

Is kitchen painting a job for DIY?

I have advised many keen homeowners on the steps and tools required to hand-paint a kitchen, and it is an achievable project. However, please don’t underestimate the size of the task, nor the skills required to get a high class professional finish. Whilst anyone can apply themselves to painting a kitchen, there are many small problems to think about and decisions to take:

First decision: do I have 90+ concentrated hours to refurbish a biggish kitchen?

Do I know how to deal with removable integrated panels on dishwashers etc?

What is the best way to tackle wine racks?

How do I reach nooks and crannies to ensure every visible square inch is painted so there is absolutely no evidence that the kitchen was ever natural pine?

How do I keep dust to an absolute minimum?

Do I have the brush skills and the patience required to get a flawless finish?

Do I know how to work with drying times of paint, so I can work quickly and efficiently without rushing or jeopardising the integrity of the paint.

And the one element that separates specialist kitchen painters from the rest is attention to detail. Are you a fussy, picky, sharp-eyed painter who is happy to paint and prep the same doors, 4 times over?

Attention to detail is the one kitchen painter skill that can’t really be taught. You have that innate drive to deal with the details, you don’t have a “that’ll do” mindset, and year after year, you are always trying to do the next job better, smarter, cleaner than the last one.

There is a saying that professionals make jobs look easy. Whilst we would never say it is easy, we certainly know how to make sure a kitchen painting project goes smoothly.

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