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Hand painted kitchen in Spixworth

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Owatrol, Richard Willott Posted Jul 16 2020

This is a case study of a Hand painted kitchen in Spixworth by Traditional Painter Richard Willott.

Hand painted kitchen in Spixworth by Traditional Painter Richard Willott.
Richard transformed a new beige melamine kitchen with meticulous preparation, specialist adhesion primers and durable low-sheen furniture enamel. The colour is Mrs B’s Teal or officially known as NCS5030/B10G.

In true Richard tradition, this article has a subtitle which should become clear as you read through!


A brief introduction to Spixworth

East Anglia is full of historic villages that have seen many transformations over the centuries. Spixworth is no exception.

Since Saxon times the village has been part of the Taverham Hundred. Prior to the Norman conquest of 1066, much of the land was held by a Saxon freeman known as Stuart. In Norman times the village was known as Spikeswurda, derived from either the River Spikes (now Spixworth Beck) or Spic, meaning swine pasture. Spixworth and other surrounding villages were given to  Roger of Poitiers. Good work if you could get it.

 From 1199 to 1485, Peter Bardoph and the family were Lord of the Manor. They eventually sold the estate to William Peck, Sheriff of Norwich, in 1602. The rest is history.

Unfortunately none of the above characters, Stuart, Roger Peter or Bill, were available for comment on this latest kitchen renovation. However, Mrs B has submitted a fantastic review of her project at the end.

Can you transform my tiny Spixworth kitchen?

We find ourselves in this small but perfectly appointed newly installed kitchen in Spixworth. Unfortunately for Mrs B, the company who installed it only offered her two colour choices, cream or buff!

new build kitchen in Spixworth only came in 2 standard colours
The scene before Richard hand painted kitchen in Spixworth

Neither of these were to her taste, so she contacted us to see if we could possibly transform her kitchen with a custom colour.

Over the years we have received numerous requests for work which start on the lines of:

We have a tiny kitchen, you won’t be interested in this…

If you read through the summary of our painted kitchen services, you will soon see that we can and will paint any kitchen, large or small. Just ask! Our unique team of kitchen painter specialists cover the whole of the UK, and literally no kitchen is too large or too small for us. From a tiny galley kitchen to an 85 door showroom, we are there for you. Your dream kitchen is just a click or phone call away.

Back to the kitchen in Spikeswurda

Mrs B had a particular colour in mind that would tone in with her curtains and soft furnishings. Armed with a swatch of material, I made my way to the paint merchant to scan the colours. As ever, they closely matched the colours, and I prepared a couple of painted sample boards. The following day, after seeing the colours in all different light, Mrs B opted for Mrs B’s Teal aka NCS5030/B10G

Can you paint melamine kitchens?


The preparation needed for this type of kitchen has to be meticulous, but we know how. We find that many of the modern day melamines on kitchen doors have to be carefully sanded so as not to break through the finish to the MDF or chipboard beneath. Sometimes we would use a product call ‘ESP’. This clever product from Owatrol is a liquid etching primer, ideal for creating a key/roughened surface for paint in tricky mouldings within a melamine door. However, in this case, the doors were flat panels.

Once I had finished all the sanding, I turned to the adhesion primer which my supplier had mixed to match the chosen topcoat colour. In this instance, I used Tikkurila Otex tinted to Mrs B’s Teal, to ensure the depth of colour.

I applied two coats of the primer, lightly sanding between coats. The top coats were Tikkurila  Helmi 10, a 10% sheen.

melamine painted with Tikkurila Otex

What did the client think of their painted kitchen?

The blinds and soft furnishings were new. Off camera there is a chair in a tone of the teal and matching scatter cushions on a sofa. To my eye it was a stunning facelift.

Mrs B's Teal painted kitchen

But it doesn’t really matter what I think! What does the customer have to say?

Richard has just painted my boring [ ] kitchen units. I am so pleased with the finished result and l love the new colour. I feel as if I have a new kitchen. No mess, no dust and he even moved the furniture back for me. It was completed on schedule, exactly as promised.


What’s next?

Thanks for reading about this Hand painted kitchen in Spixworth. If you have a similar project I am happy to help. And remember the size of your kitchen doesn’t matter to me. I hand paint all kitchens with the same attention to detail. The interesting thing for me is that every one is different. When it comes to costing, I price every kitchen pro rata. In other words, my prices for an 80 door kitchen are about 10 times more than for an 8 door kitchen. At £100 a door, that generally works out at 10-20% the cost of a new kitchen.

You can contact me via Traditional Painter or direct on my website at FX Decor.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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