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Hand Painted Kitchen East Midlands – new or refurbish

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, mypaintbrush.co.uk Posted Sep 02 2013

Throughout the east midlands, throughout the country in fact, homeowners are debating the pros and cons of a new kitchen. The oak is looking a bit shabby and not at all chic any more. The pine has turned as orange as a UK soap star, but on the upside, you know where every cooking utensil is, you can make a cup of tea blindfold, go straight to the cheese grater everytime…

Let’s get some quotes, but it has to be a like-for-like replacement of our 1990’s sturdy oak cabinets.

In with the quotes comes the realisation that even a cheap DIY shed are charging how much? for a kitchen! Let the re-thinking begin!

Is it really feasible to fit new hinges, handles, tweak the existing cabinets, and call in a specialist kitchen painter to work their moves? Can relatively little work and disruption result in a fully functioning installation of beauty that looks familiar, but also looks like it came out a high street showroom?

Looking at just a small sample of kitchens we have painted as a group, we think it is fair to say, yes so!

A hand Painted Kitchen graces many homes in the East Midlands, refurbished, revived, and contemporary. Is it involved? Yes, but no.

Tools of the trade

Erecta Rack, filler, Isofix, they may just be words to most of our clients, but in the hands of a professional kitchen painter, these products are the golden bullet to saving you thousands.

We use the Erecta Rack, or two, when it is necessary to keep all the painted doors and drawers in a compact area, so as not to take over your kitchen.

Filler comes in assorted forms, from fine surface, to 2-pack, sanded down flat with dust-less sanders and high performance super fine abrasives.

And Isofix is not a special screw, it is the high adhesion bonding stain sealer that ensures a beautiful “inert” base for topcoats on resinous wooden doors.


For plucky DIY who are contemplating painting their own kitchen, we offer a raft of resources to investigate and educate yourselves. It is the most involved painting you are likely to do, but being methodical and well prepared, with plenty of time and patience to hand, you can achieve good results on a kitchen. Our readers are quick to share their successes, here is an example of what some of them have had to say.

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And our clients are very generous with their reviews of Traditional Painter workmanship, putting paid to any idea that painters aren’t appreciated!

client testimonial

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