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Hand painted kitchen Derbyshire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen Posted Oct 31 2013

We often show a before and after photo of a pine kitchen that has been converted from rags to riches with a beautiful hand painted finish. Here is a simple example among the many being carried out regularly across the country from Derbyshire to Yorkshire down to Cornwall.

Hand Painted Pine Kitchen example Hand Painted Pine Kitchen example

However, the images often understate the amount of work that goes on during the transformation. If you are lucky enough to have a professional kitchen painter working on your kitchen, you would be able to observe all the stages. It is quite something to see just how much work is involved, and the attention to detail, and by the end of the cleaning, sanding, filling, cleaning, painting, finishing and cleaning process, most homeowners’ opinion of painting is taken to a new level.

For those braver readers looking for tips or guidance on their own kitchen and furniture painting projects, sometimes the text in articles can raise more questions than answers, or may even seem a bit blasé. Gimme more details!

If you have been through a process dozens of times, degreasing the fiddly bits on a pine kitchen is just part of the job, but if a reader is faced for the first time with a bottle of eco cleaner, a bucket, sponge and a greasy kitchen, is degreasing a kitchen ready for painting as simple as starting at the top and going through, following the instructions on the bottle?

Yes, it can be that obvious. The basic info we give is:

To remove wax, Krud Kutter Original (being discontinued)or Pro Clean will serve you well. Apply, leave to soak, and before the cleaner dries off (dependant on ambient temperature it could be a few minutes) go at it with a good kitchen scourer. Do wear gloves, even natural degreasing products are unable to differentiate between wax and your skin! Rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

or you may be about to climb a steep learning curve, finding out that the grease is over wax and it is gumming up your water and isn’t coming off very easily at all… and there are how many doors still to go!? In which case this advice from Martin Guest is more fitting.

The substrate was a waxed pine – not usually a problem… my usual approach just wasn’t going to cut it in this instance.

So following a few International calls to friends and contacts (I kid you not; Spain and Holland), I broke out the Fluxaf Pro Clean; a super concentrated cleaner that will dissolve the enamel from your teeth, but, is still an environmentally responsible product. Willem at Fluxaf told me to apply the product diluted with warm water 1:1 and then neutralise with clean water… the result was fantastic – the wax “changed it’s state” and turned into a dry tea-like substance, falling away from the wooden surface… incredible!

Or reaching difficult areas where a paint brush doesn’t seem to fit. How do they do that?

These sorts of unanswered questions are where Traditional Painter comes into its own. There are resources throughout the site that shed light on all manner of problems, from questions about product choice, right through to in-depth help with a pending disaster!

Use the search box at the top every page on this website to find articles that give different perspectives on a general topic, or for more hands-on responses, look at the forum and use that super Q search button top right. We seem to have been asked most questions at least once!

Professionals are supposed to make hard tasks look effortless, but here the ethos is that if we share the facts about what is involved, you can plough on yourself, aware of what lies ahead, or you can decide to call in your local Traditional Painter to carry the burden for you.

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