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Hand Painted Kitchen in Barford Warwickshire

Listed under Blog, cleaning, erecta rack, Graco, hand-painted kitchen, Holman Specialist Paints, Ron Taylor Posted Jan 08 2014

Welcome 2014 – this is the last job of 2013 for Ron Taylor, who recounts how he approached a hand painted kitchen in Barford, Warwickshire.

Barford, Warwickshire 2I was recently asked to paint a kichen in Barford, Warwickshire. Initially this was just to be the units, but in the end the walls, door frames and skirtings were painted as well.

It was a fairly small kitchen consisting of 12 doors, 6 drawers and 1 end shelf unit. The carcasses were laminate but the doors and cornices were stained and lacquered wood.

Down to preparation

I removed the doors and drawer fronts and cleaned down all surfaces with * Krud Kutter Original and steel wool before rinsing off.

When everything was dry, I sanded all the surfaces with 120 and 180 Abranet by hand and the Festool RTS 400.

High adhesion primer

For the primer I chose Otex Adhesion Primer from Holman Paints. As the paint was to be a light blue I got this tinted to the same as the topcoat.

I brushed and rolled all the static units, but sprayed the doors and drawers with a Graco TurboForce 9.5 hvlp. The Primer covered extremely well and after just 1 coat was ready for caulking and topcoats.


The finish was 2 coats of Tikkurila Feelings Semi-Matt. This product is water based and flows on and levels superbly.

Tikkurila, Kenilworth Some kit tips

I applied the product with a brush and Wooster Micro Plush 4″ roller before laying off lightly all surfaces with the brush.

The brushes I used for this project were a * 2″ Picasso PIC-6 and the new * 1.5″ Fox from MyPaintBrush.

The Fox brush is worth seeking out if you want a synthetic brush but prefer the kaiser handle (ie the prefered choice of handle for most British manufactures up until a few years ago.)

The painting of the doors was made much easier by allowing them to dry on the Erecta-Rack shelving system. This is easily assembled/disassembled as the doors are stacked up.

Erecta-Rack, Kenilworth

I finished the static units and the doors with all but the final coat on the exterior of the doors.

I refitted the doors and applied the final coat to the exterior.

I usually like to finish the doors before rehanging but I wanted to get the racking cleared away before the customer came back.

Again the doors were rolled and layed off with the Picasso PIC-6 synthetic brush.

Further decorating – walls the Tikkurila way

When painting kitchens, we are sometimes asked by customers to do the rest of the decorating in the room. The client asked me to paint the walls and a small amount of trim after the cupboards were completed.

Tikkurila Feelings Wall and Ceiling paint has been used on many period homes. Also it was on the walls in the Holmans board room for 15 years before being repainted, for no reason other than boredom with the colour. It is another one of the Tikkurila “just works and lasts” products.

Mylands, Tikkurila Kenilworth It applied very well and seems to have a finish that would be durable for medium traffic areas. The finish dried nearly matt with a smooth finish to the touch. It also didn’t crack and craze over caulk the way some finishes do.

Further decorating – woodwork the Mylands way

The paintwork, 2 frames and a few feet of skirting, was painted in my favourite trim paint at the moment, Mylands Eggshell. This is an excellent product, easy to apply and with great opacity in white when going over discoloured white oil paints.

I spoke to Mylands technical and they recommend a coat of their primer first for adhesion but I’ve found you don’t need it. The product sticks perfectly well to pretty much everything with only a light sanding and maybe a wipe over with * Krud Kutter Gloss Off prior to application. This seems to be a true 2 coat acrylic hybrid that looks great and works well.

If you have any technical questions, feel free to head over to our forum.

Ron taylor hand painted kitchens warwickshireRon Taylor, a specialist painter and decorator based in Kenilworth, is the Traditional Painter responsible for hand painted kitchens throughout Warwickshire.

Ron is one of the UK’s leading authorities on the specification and application of water based and waterborne paints.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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3 comments to “Hand Painted Kitchen in Barford Warwickshire”

  1. Charles Budd

    Lovely job Ron. Do you think the Feelings wall & ceiling paint is equivalent to Little Greene Intelligent Matt? And apart from Mylands Eggshell being a lovely finish – any reason for using Mylands instead of Feelings for the rest of the woodwork?

  2. RJ Taylor Decoration

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I used Mylands Eggshell as I prefer it for trim now. Feelings in white would certainly have required a primer, and I find that 2 coats of Mylands is all that’s required after sanding and Gloss Off.

  3. Charles Budd

    Thanks for clarifying that Ron.

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