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Hand painted kitchen and furniture in Dorset using Mythic eggshell

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, hand-painted kitchen, Little Greene, Mythic paint, Neil Callender Posted Jul 26 2012

Neil Callender has been a decorator for 30 years, and has dedicated most of the past 14 years to hand painted kitchens and furniture in the Dorset area. It was a surprise to hear he was going to specify Mythic acrylic latex eggshell on a painted kitchen, because he is an oil man, through and through.

Little Greene and Sandersons are up there with the best oil paints going, without a doubt. Drying time is spot on and a great finish as well

But here is a kitchen painted in Mythic eggshell.

wooden kitchen painted with Mythic eggshell

Mythic is an acrylic latex paint range and is one of those rare “eco” paints, which is zero VOC, very low odour, non toxic, and most importantly, (I can confirm from personal experience) is very high performance.

Below, this piece of furniture went from bare pine to eggshell in 4 coats of Mythic water-based primer and topcoat.

bare pine painted in Mythic acrylic latex eggshell

What follows is a mix of Twitter conversation, plus a few emailed questions and answers.

Touted as any colour in any finish on any surface, Mythic has proven itself to be very reliable and hard wearing on correctly prepared surfaces – wood, metal, plaster… Which finish did Neil decide on?

I went for the eggshell, should be just right as customer doesn’t what it too shiny, just a subtle sheen

Any finish on any surface, really?

Just about to paint kitchen units with Mythic eggshell but customer has seen on tin it says for walls, it’s ok for units, yes?

Yes! Over the Multi Purpose primer, Mythic eggshell works equally well as a scrubbable wall paint finish or a durable finish for kitchen cabinets.

So, from a painter’s point of view, how did Neil find Mythic for wooden furniture and cabinets?

First day using Mythic eggshell and got to say very impressed with it, flows nice and good coverage, easy to use.

What brushes did he use?

I’m going with a Wooster ultra / pro soft. Got to say it’s going on a treat, but will also try a Purdy Monarch. After trying out a few different brushes I came to the conclusion that the brush for me was the Purdy Monarch.

How about sanding? What grade and how soon after painting was it hard enough to accept an abrasive?

The paint was touch dry within 30 minutes, but this was a warm day so the drying times might vary. I found the painted units were ready for a de-nip with 320 paper within 3-4 hours, again this may vary, due to weather and conditions.

What is the cure time for Mythic eggshell ie fully dry and hard, as customer has small kids and pets?

The full cure time for this paint is up to 7 days, but I found after 3-4 days it was a lovely hard pearl like finish and would stand up to the normal day to day use of a kitchen.

And what about the final outcome? As expected?

I have to say the final outcome was better than I expected, the paint was a dream to apply (which not all W/B paints are ) it gave outstanding coverage and a finish anyone would be pleased to have in their house.

Customer is very happy with the kitchen, not the biggest but looks very nice, thanks to Mythic eggshell. And they were so happy with the paint and finish, that I have been back and painted some bedroom furniture for them.

So, is Neil converted to all water-borne paints now?

Converted ? Not yet! I still think oil has its place and gives a very hard wearing surface, but having said that, I think if all water borne paints were to follow in the footsteps of Mythic Paint, then I could easily see myself using waterborne paint more and more in the future.

If you have any questions on Mythic paints, please ask over on the Traditional Painter forum for water based paint. Several of the specialists have a lot of experience with these paints, and would be happy to share their thoughts based on extensive use.

Neil Callender hand painted kitchens and painted furniture in DorsetSpecialist painter and decorator, Neil Callender, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He has specialised in hand painted kitchens and furniture in Dorset for the past 14 years.

Neil is a 3rd generation decorator and has worked all over the UK. He is old school, but willing to give new products and ideas the benefit of his 30 years’ experience. He has also been known to unwind occasionally on the golf course.


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One comment to “Hand painted kitchen and furniture in Dorset using Mythic eggshell”

  1. Lina

    Hi. I need to paint my beds. I have five of them. They are made in pine. I would like to paint them of white.
    Could you tell me how much is for bed? how long does the job take and if you come here or I have to dent the beds. I live in Sherborne Dorset.
    Thank you so much.
    Regards, Lina.

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