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Hand-painted chairs Wilmslow, Cheshire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, Owatrol Posted Nov 21 2009

This article about hand-painted chairs Wilmslow, Cheshire, explains a success and a learning curve.

A set of 6 chairs and a table had been spray painted about 7 years ago with an acrylic paint. In several places the paintwork was beginning to fail.

failed paint paint removed to bare wood hand-painted chair

I removed all the paint from each section that was showing signs of wear and tear. This avoids any ridges and on this scale of work, complete removal is not much slower than patch sanding.

The bare wood was primed with Supergrip primer. All 6 chairs and the table base then received an undercoat and 2 coats of oil-based eggshell, Farrow and Ball.

Each coat is rubbed down, vacuumed and cleaned off with a tack rag.

Owatrol paint conditioner in oil paint reduces the brush marks to a minimum, and gives the chairs their authentic hand-finished high quality look. (Ask about Owatrol on our forum)

The table top appeared to be a success too, coated in Langlow Patina, a wipe on polyurethane gel that I first used when it came on the market back in the 90’s. In all that time it has never let me down, except on this particular table top, where it seemed to lose its sheen in patches.

To this day there has been no logical explanation beyond an inexplicable reaction between the patina and perhaps a chemical ingrained into the table top. I say inexplicable, as the manufacturers and myself both agreed that this is one of those rare products that just works. For instance, although not advertised for exterior use, Patina has been tested on garden furniture by Langlow and endured 4 years I believe, outside.

The table top was stripped back and recoated, without question.


Check out the most viewed pine table top online. This table in Nantwich was orange pine and dated. The top was sanded back, vaccumed, wiped with a tack cloth and 2 thin coats of Patina were scrubbed on and laid off with a rag.

It is a prime example of what you can expect from Langlow Patina, 99.9% of the time.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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2 comments to “Hand-painted chairs Wilmslow, Cheshire”

  1. acmasterpainter

    RT @livingroombuzz: I’m working on an old rocking chair! (I found this post too about 6 wooden#chairs I #painted

  2. livingroombuzz

    @acmasterpainter Perfect for my project – thank you so much!

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