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Gloss paint a front door and add stained glass

Listed under Blog, Mark Nash, Painting, products Posted Mar 31 2012

This sharp looking 1930’s front door with a stained glass light didn’t look like this originally.

Fortunately the homeowner called in master painter, Mark Nash to do something with it.

This 1930’s door was in bad state of disrepair. The panel at the top was one big piece of plain glass. Not now it’s not, bit of stained glass, what a difference. Very very happy customer.

Mark is a big fan of Finnish paint manufacturers, Tikkurila, and he finished the door with Miranol, an oil based enamel.

To jazz up the single pane and add some character, he added the lead and used glass paint in the corners, yellow & blue. Good job.

If you are in striking distance of the M4 corridor, and have a painting and decorating project that requires someone a bit special to do it for you, now you know who to call.

About Mark Nash

Master Painter, Mark Nash is a 3rd generation craftsman and is also one of the country’s best kitchen painters. He uses water-borne Tikkurila furniture paint on most of his specialist hand-painted kitchen work these days. That seems to work! Check out Mark’s profile page on the UK kitchen painter page. If you can paint kitchens to Mark’s standard, front doors are no problem…

Another painted front door

If you have a front door that already has stained glass and want to know the stages required to gloss paint a front door so it is the shiniest in the village, follow the link to see how I did one a few years ago.

(A lot of things have changed since then, with paint formulas from Dulux, Crown etc being modified to comply with 2010 enviro regulations, so you have to be a lot smarter with the oil gloss you select – think “posh” or “European” ahead of regular UK brands – and superlative oil-based fillers, long used on the continent, are now more readily available in UK ahead of Polyfilla – but the same principles apply.)

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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2 comments to “Gloss paint a front door and add stained glass”

  1. Dragana Martinovic

    Need an info regarding paint manufacturers for stained glass designs. What are your recomenations<'

    <<<<<<<<<thank you in advance.

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Thanks for the question. I set up a thread on the forum which you might want to follow. You can subscribe to it and receive an email when any updates are posted. https://traditionalpainter.com/forum/paint-coatings-discuss-group6/niche-paint-products-forum26/paint-for-stained-glass-window-effect-thread100#postid-284

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