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Topics covered on Traditional Painter forum

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash, Martin Guest, mypaintbrush.co.uk, Owatrol Posted Sep 30 2012

Since this was first written, we email out a weekly summary of topics covered on Traditional Painter forum to signed up members. This is a free service which keeps casual readers uptodate.

TP forum

These are recent topics covered. Please add your pennyworth.

How would the professionals advise newcomers to the decorating trade?
Shame there was no feedback from the person asking the advice but anyone else thinking of going into decorating can pick up some great tips from self taught and time served decorators and college lecturers.

Mobile platform – The wheelchair is my favourite piece of access equipment. Good ole US design and solid construction, major time and energy saver.

Eco cleaning products Decorators have some excellent choices now from Krudkutter and Fluxaf. An interesting point from @beardtwiddler that some are very aggressive for natural products.

Wood treatment is a fascinating and massive topic. We are starting to break into the options, including Osmo Oil, and make your own potions, sanding sealer v pore fillers…

Brushmate vapour box was a tremendous innovation when it came out in the early 90’s? Some insights and tips on its use today.

Owatrol E-B is a clever product that turns any water-based paint into a sticky high adhesion primer. Links to a case study on exterior masonry painting down Cornwall way.

I am going to rename the forum one day soon, when I come up with a title that more accurately reflects the style of this decorating resource – less bantery chit chat, more library? wiki? Decorators reading room? Any slick ideas from the wordsmiths out there are most welcome.

Hand painted kitchens featured this week

There are 15 brilliant decorators involved with Traditional Painter now, and around the UK, there is a fair bit of hand-painted kitchen work going on. These are the recent ones.

Mark Nash – Buckinghamshire kitchen refurbishment

chalfont st giles

Martin Guest painted a James Mayor Furniture (JMF) kitchen, from his portfolio
painted James Mayor Furniture kitchen

Other news

Here are some Yahoo Lifestyle articles just come out which reference Traditional Painter.

Yahoo Lifestyle

DIY projects for a weekend

DIY checklist

This is one that you may have missed from Yahoo’s new feature section. 9 ways to transform a kitchen

Apart from that, not much going on here!

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