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Fluxaf is a range of highly effective paint strippers and cleaners from Holland, suitable for the decorating trade or DIY.


The manufacturers of Fluxaf products are taking this opportunity to talk direct to professional decorators and keen DIY about their company and the products they are really proud of. Please take advantage of this platform to interact with an innovative and industry-leading business. Ask the Fluxaf team questions about what you see and read here, and contribute any constructive comments about what they do well and what they could do better.

Company information

FluxafProducer: Vliegenthart B.V.
Founded: 1839
Fluxaf website Home page
Fluxaf contact: Willem
UK distributor: Roll Roy UK

Fluxaf on Fluxaf

a range of products manufactured by Vliegenthart of Holland under a brand name of FLUXAF.

In the 30’s Vliegenthart decided to start with the production of paint removers. We became one of the biggest manufacturers of the methylene chloride based type for the European market under various private label brands, and in our own country we became well known under the name Fluxaf. We started developing DCM-free alternatives in the eighties, in order to find safer solutions for the professional user.

In December 2010 we had to stop the production of DCM based paint remover, at that time we already were producing the Fluxaf Green, mainly for the French market where we remove thick layers of textured coatings from big building blocks. As there was hardly any evaporation of the product in the hot seasons, this product was more efficient than DCM.

The last few years we have had more demands for more types of cleaners, so we created a whole range of Fluxaf products for professional use. Our future goal for Fluxaf is to create more specialty products for the painter and decorator.

Fluxaf Green

Fluxaf GreenFluxaf® Green is a safe, pH-neutral paint remover, suitable for removing most kinds of paint from almost any surface in one application.


Fluxaf® Green removes most kind of paint from all kinds of substrates like, i.e.cement render, concrete, natural stone and other mineral surfaces, wood, metals including light metals and copper. Plastics will generally be attacked, can be used on gel coats but a sample is necessary to test the actual gel coat quality. It can also be used under 0°C – interior and exterior use.

Safety Data sheets


Fluxaf Pro

Fluxaf ProFluxaf® Pro! is an effective, strong, clear paint remover, free of methylenechloride, NMP or D-limonene. Thanks to the unique gel-formula it is easy to work with Fluxaf® Pro! on vertical surfaces! For exterior use only

Fluxaf® Pro! effectivly removes water based and alkyd paints, textured coatings, varnish, glue, and graffiti on almost all surfaces. Effective on all kinds of woods and metal (except for aluminium). It doesn’t change the colour of natural woods.

Plastics, however can be affected. We would advise you to test in an inconspicuous area. It has been developed as a product that has the same performance properties as Fluxaf Paint & Varnish Remover but contains lower VOCs  with very little odour when applying; this is also suitable for DIY and Tradesmen.

Safety Data Sheet


Fluxaf Super

Fluxaf SuperFluxaf® Super is an absolutely safe, paste/fluid, pH-neutral paint remover, suitable for removing most kinds of paint from almost any surface in one step and does not contain any acids, lyes, dangerous solvents (as NMP), paraffin or preservatives.


Fluxaf® Super removes many kinds of paint from all kinds of surfaces like, render, concrete, natural stone and other mineral surfaces, wood, metals including light metals and copper, plastics will generally be attacked, can be used on gel coat but a sample is necessary to test the actual gel coat quality. Fluxaf® Super can also be used under 0°C. Fluxaf® Super can be used indoors and outdoors.

Safety Data Sheets


Fluxaf Pro-Clean

Fluxaf Pro CleanFLUXAF PRO-CLEAN is a very powerful concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser based on a range of solvents, surfactants. Pro Clean removes grease and dirt at high speed from practically all hard surfaces. It is biodegradable. Can be used as a replacement for sugar soap.


Pro Clean is extremely suitable for the degreasing, cleansing and antistatic rendering of surfaces prior to painting.


Pro Clean must be diluted with water; the ratio can vary from 1:10 to 1:100 dependant upon the degree of soiling. It can be applied using a hand spray, sponge, cloth, foam lance or brush.

Safety Data Sheets


PVCu Restorer

Fluxaf PVCu restorerFluxaf PVCu Restorer is a powerful eco-friendly water based restorer for removing ingrained dirt, water stains discolouration etc. from white PVCu windows, doors, fascias, cladding, conservatories and guttering without scratching. It revitalises and whitens dull and tired PVCu.

Try on a small test area first. Spray onto the area to be restored and leave to work for approximately one minute, wipe down with a damp cloth. Wash down with fresh water to remove and neutralise any remaining product residue.

More than one application may be necessary on stubborn areas, the use of abrasive pads will result in damage to the substrate. Do not use on polycarbonate or other similar plastics. Do not use on painted surfaces.

Fluxaf PVCu Restorer can be used both externally and internally provided that there is adequate ventilation, the use of suitable PPE equipment is recommended whilst using the product.

Can cause corrosion on certain metals remove any splashes immediately with fresh water. Allowing the product to work for at least a minute is essential, the longer the Restorer is left, the deeper it will penetrate into the upper levels of the substrate.

Safety Data Sheet



Fluxaf Graffi Clean GRAFFI-CLEAN!® is a waterbed graffiti remover, suitable for removing most kinds of graffiti, markers, ink, chewing gum from almost all surfaces in one step.

It does not contain any acids, lye, dangerous solvents (as NMP) or preservatives.

For removing graffiti, based on :

– oil paints, alkyd enamels
– latex and other waterbased paints
– stoving enamels
– acrylic based paints
– spray paints (car- and leatherpaint)

Also suitable for the removal of :

– chewing gum
– markers, pen, wax
– and many other things!

Safety Data Sheet


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Fluxaf on TV

Below we will add more commercials and videos on Youtube produced by Fluxaf and private individuals.

fluxaf video channel

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15 comments to “Fluxaf”

  1. Anne Cummings

    How do you remove upvc white paint, painted on upvc brown window frames

  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    As it is delicate, we don’t know if the surface has been sanded or had mechanical or chemical pretreatment before applying the PVC paint. This could give a negative result at the end. But we can advise to do a small test with our Fluxaf Super.

    Let the stripper migrate to the film layer, try to rub it in, to see if the paint starts to come off maybe after 30 minutes or so, dependant on the layer thickness. See if you can wipe it off with a suitable sponge, as a scraper will damage your PVCu for sure.

    See if you get a positive result, always neutralise with clean water.

    Hope this advice will be of help.

    Kind regards,


  3. Tiina Järvinen

    I have bought an old wooden house. It has been painted with a watersoluble alkyd paint. I´m going to remove the paint at replaice it with oilpaint. I would like to know,
    is it possible to apply Fluxaf Pro with some kind of machine to the outer wall of the house?
    And secondly, what are the requirements for the high pressure water jet (pressure washer), if I want the remove the paint with it. Can you recommend a Kärcher model?
    Thank you very much in forehand for the answer!
    Yours sincerely
    Tiina Järvinen

  4. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Dear Mrs. Järvinen,

    With regard to your question, we would advise to use the Fluxaf Super or Green. Both Products can be applied with airless spray system from brands like Graco or Wagner or others. Inform them that you want to apply a paintremover, so they know which type to advise you.
    And otherwise you can apply with a big brush or longhaired roller, so that you are able to apply a thick coat of paintremover.

    Test first so you know exactly how thick you need to apply it and how many times it will take until the coating is completely softened through the wooden surface.

    For a high pressure washer the heavier the better of course. When the coating is completely soft you can also use a big spatula first, that can go very fast. And then remove the rest with high pressure washer.

    Make sure all residue is completely removed from the wood and let it dry well before you start painting.

    (Reading you name I guess you are from Finland? If you live there you can also contact the following website for more info (in Finnish) and sales adresses http://www.antiikkiverstas.com/verkkokauppa/tuotehaku?s=fluxaf )

    Also check our website: http://www.fluxaf.com for more detailed info

    Hope to have been of help with this.

    Met vriendelijke groet, With kind regards,

    Willem Soetekouw

  5. Paul

    I’m looking for a product that can remove paint from Victorian embossed anaglypta paper without damaging the paper. I read somewhere that Fluxaf Green may be able to do this. Can you comment or help?

  6. Toby Mottershead

    Is the Fluxaf Super suitable for removing wax on furniture prior to painting,

  7. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    A degreaser like Fluxaf Pro Clean is the product for that task.

  8. John Hesnan

    I am restoring an old chair and just got your Fluxaf paint remover from our paint supplier here in Ireland. So far it is working better than Nitromors which is great. My question; what should I use to remove small bits of paint varnish etc after the Fluxah has removed the bigger pieces…should I use white spirit or methylated spirit, to clean off these pieces.thanks, John

  9. Martin Shilliday

    Good morning as I subscribe to the Traditional Paiinter website and I hope you can help me with some information.
    I potentially have an old exterior to repaint that has previously been done with oil and acrylic paint based on render.
    Can you recommend which of your products would be suitable as I would like to try a test area before I commit to the work.
    Many thanks
    Martin Shilliday

  10. Eric England

    Can I use Fluxaf to remove anti-fouling paint from a glass fibre hull without damage?

  11. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Can you contact Fluxaf direct Thanks

  12. Sealey

    We have a up call skylight that has blackened due to the sun have you any product to remove
    Regards Barclay Sealey

  13. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Sounds like you need to bleach out the wood stains? Oxalic acid, (Sometimes sold as wood bleach) a small brush and patience should deliver a good end result. When the wood is thoroughly rinsed of acid, and dried out, you can then stain it to suit. Please take precautions re protective wear, especially working overhead. Oxalic acid isn’t the worst corrosive out there, but still.

  14. Sealey

    We have a upvc skylight that has blackened due to the sun have you any product to remove
    Regards Barclay Sealey

  15. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Have you tried the uPVC Restorer. It works nicely on greyed uPVC.

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