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Flex sanders are better than they look!

Listed under Blog, preparation Posted Jun 24 2014

Festool and Mirka seem to be the only gig in town for dust extraction sanding for decorating, but the guys producing Flex sanders would have something to say about that.

Getting the difficult bits out the way first, I have heard several negative comments from the trade about Flex sanders, and their tools in general. Something along the lines of:

“With the red livery, the Flex range looks a bit ToyTown.”

Flex also do a palm sander for under £30. How good can that be at that price?!!

If you look beyond the colouring, and remember that their entry level palm sander comes with dust-extraction, hook-and-loop and a clamp on system and comes with a 2-year warranty, you should get a better idea about Flex. They are a very proficient and long-standing German engineering company with a massive range of industry-leading sanding and polishing and grinding equipment.

Living on the island, it isn’t common knowledge that Flex have dominated the automotive industry in Europe for quite some time with their polishing machines; they do monstrous grinders, and more recently they have developed a dedicated range of power tools for the painting & decorating industry and professional user. (Doesn’t this sound awfully similar to the Mirka story!)

Flex sanders – dust free priority

They are designed to be user-friendly, in that they boast dust-free capabilities, wherever possible, they are easy to operate and versatile.

Palm sanders, not just for the weekend

Several of our forum readers have picked up on the palm sander and are very impressed. It seems to be a great entry level professional grade piece of equipment, and DIY love it!

The FLEX palm sander comes from a larger orbital family of palm sanders. You can choose from variable speed, delta and rectangular shaped, with integrated dust bags and attachments for connecting anti-static hoses for dust-free sanding. The choice is endless.

If you are serious about sanding and surface preparation, the FLEX range of tools are well worth a look and will happily sit alongside the best of Finnish and German engineering.

More about Flex the company

This is what they say they are about.

All FLEX power tools are CE-conformant and are subject to a professional quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 throughout their production.

Our aim: 100 percent quality. We are so convinced of the quality of our products, that we give our customers a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every FLEX electric power tool and accessory.

Whichever FLEX you buy: it represents the ultimate in user friendliness and durability. Perfectly balanced, easy to handle and extremely rugged. Try it out! Put a FLEX to the hardest of all tests: your own applications.

We take our slogan: “Quality tools from professionals for professionals” seriously.

No manufacturer ever claims they are crap, but time seems to bear out the claims from Flex.

The bottom line, they have a range of kit that every decorator needs, some more than others (they have a couple of very specialist drywall giraffe sanders, for instance) but with so many formats, they are definitely one to consider next time you are looking to add Mirka and Festool to your tool box, or rather, to your Systainer.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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One comment to “Flex sanders are better than they look!”

  1. Fresh Fresh

    Wish Id picked these up at the show too, they were cheap as chips!

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