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Feedburner and FD plugin to optimise RSS on WordPress blog

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Jun 25 2010

This is a bit geeky, but if you are a painter and decorator, or any business for that matter, and you have a WordPress blog that you regularly update with company news, photos of recent jobs, offers etc – it is a good idea to publicize your blog as well as possible. Feedburner RSS feed and FD Feedburner wordpress plugin do this thoroughly well.

If you know all about RSS… »

WordPress comes with a default RSS feed, but it is a bit puny compared to the power of Feedburner. Adding a Feedburner button to your blog is a good step, but the job is not complete unless you also redirect your default WordPress feed to the new Feedburner feed. The FD Feedburner plugin achieves this easily, and thereafter, when people click on the RSS icon in the address bar of Firefox, Safari etc, they will go to your Feedburner feed not the WP default RSS feed.

The simple instructions are:

a) Beef up the inbuilt WordPress RSS feed by burning a Feedburner RSS feed and optimising and publicising the feed, using all the relevant options available.

b) Redirect the default WP RSS feed to your new Feedburner RSS feed, by installing the FD Feedburner plugin. Once configured with your Feedburner URL, you will be fully RSS-ed – at least until the next development comes along.

If you have no idea about RSS »

google readerI know! feedburner schmeedburner RSS WP VD and scar… You may not be internet savvy, but millions of internet users are, and they understand and use RSS.

Potential customers, potential employers, or journalists are on the look-out for companies to follow. They find good blogs, and instead of manically logging in to dozens of websites every day, they subscribe to the blogs’ RSS feeds, and then sit back and wait for all new articles to appear auto-magically in Google Reader. When people enjoy articles, they tend to spread the word – they blog about them, send the links to friends and colleagues, Tweet, post to Facebook ie promote good blogs… And if your blog is rubbish, they unsubscribe without you even knowing, and stick with companies’ and individuals’ blogs that inform, entertain and appeal to them.

It is daft not to take a few steps to educate yourself and try and reach the huge RSS based audience. Try to get your head around RSS, because it can make the difference between blogging into a sandbox, or blogging to an expectant and supportive world. If you don’t bother, your competitors will!

RSS – or how to read your favourite stuff in one place is a good place for a building trade professional with a blog to start delving.

If any of my blog posts appeal, why not subscribe via RSS, that orange button top right is where it’s at. And if email is more your thing, you can receive updates via email. Either way, it is anonymous and you can stick with me or dump me – and no hard feelings.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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