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Painted oak kitchen and Erecta Rack – Drying Rack System for Doors and Furniture

Listed under Blog, erecta rack, hand-painted kitchen, Lee Simone Posted Dec 02 2013

Lee Simone based in Yorkshire had an oak kitchen to paint in Mirfield and acquired an Erecta Rack drying rack system for the doors. Here is how it went, and why the Erecta Rack only scored 4.8/5! (Plus an update from the designer on his way of squeezing out the extra 0.2)

Erecta rack in a bagI recently had a hand painted kitchen project in Mirfield. I’d heard great things about the Erecta Rack from fellow Traditional Painters and Blogging painters in the USA are big on it too, and this job seemed like the perfect opportunity to get one and make my life a little easier.

The kitchen had 30+ doors and drawers and was going to take a few weeks, so I offered the client the option of painting the doors and drawers in my workshop, to cut down on the time I would be on site. She was very happy with the suggestion, so I figured I’d take the plunge and get myself an * Erecta Rack from mypaintbrush.co.uk -what a great bit of kit!

The Erecta rack is simple to use storage solution for drying off painted kitchen doors, full size doors, lengths of trim and other cabinetry. It’s an easy to use, easy to assemble modular system. I found it sturdy and portable. When fully erected my particular rack has 10 levels and could hold up to 500lbs of material. The whole system fits into a carry bag, and consists of the following –

(40) support blocks

(20) 40″ Pro-series cross bars

(4) stabilizer bars

(4) stainless steel stabilizer struts

(1) Custom carry bag

Fully stocked Erecta Rack

Fully stocked Erecta Rack

There are oodles of different ways you can set the Rack up depending on what you’re painting but in this particular case the 10 levels only took up about 6′ x 4”, leaving me loads of space to swing any number of cats.

I painted my doors on my plastic pasting table and stacked them on the Erecta to dry – easy. In total I managed to get 7 drawer fronts and 15 doors slotted away, some of which were oversized.

Out the workshop, on site

Once I’d painted the doors and drawers in my work shop I started work on the shell.

The kitchen before it was painted

The kitchen before it was painted

I had about a week and half on site, rehanging the doors and giving the doors a final coat in situ – all in all a very successful project.

There are various things that needed to be completed in the kitchen once I’d finished, so I will be heading back to take some final photos once the new floor has been layed and the walls re-painted. Here’s an idea of progress in the meantime. I’ll be explaining the whole project in greater detail with some other tricks I used, so watch out for the full transformation!

Painting the shell with the doors/draw fronts having been painted in my workshop and stacked on the Erecta Rack

Painting the shell with the doors/draw fronts having been painted in my workshop and stacked on the Erecta Rack

4.8/5 for Erecta rack

I guess my only qualm with the system was that when you’ve got it maxed out and there is only one of you, it’s very tricky to remove the doors, without slightly scuffing the paint finish, because the powder coated cross bars aren’t quite as smooth as they could be, and don’t roll.

This little design flaw was easily overcome by wrapping the bars with some Blue 3M tape – simples 🙂

Even with this mini issue, this is a great bit of kit, a solid 4.8/5 and definitely one bit of kit I can recommend to a kitchen or furniture painter working in a workshop or in situ, or a decorator on site with lengths of skirting boards or doors or frames. It will make your life a fair bit easier – get yourself one. It’s not cheap, but well worth the monies! A few more perspectives.

Update from Curt Scadden of Erecta Rack.

Typically, users will disassemble starting from the top layer, but instead of completely disassembling the support blocks from the crossbars, they will leave the support blocks attached to the crossbars and stack them off to the side. Or, as you pull off the layers, you can start another rack right next to it and build it up as the original stack is “built down”.

Lee Simone hand painted kitchens yorkshireBased nr. Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Lee Simone began Imaginative Interiors in 1999 and now travels throughout Yorkshire transforming and rejuvenating furniture and kitchens to the highest level.

Alongside beautifully hand painted kitchens and furniture, Lee can also offer you outstanding specialist paint effects, faux finishes, murals and trompe l’oeil.


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One comment to “Painted oak kitchen and Erecta Rack – Drying Rack System for Doors and Furniture”

  1. My Hand Painted Furniture Adam

    Sounds like several contracts I’ve had recently lee.

    Great work. I like to do it this way myself. Cutting down on the inconvenience to the client.

    I’ll be investing in the Erectarack very soon.

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