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efficient painting and decorating – a wheelchair

Listed under Blog, Equipment Posted Mar 15 2011

For efficient painting and decorating, look out for a 4′ x 2′ mobile platform, affectionately known as the wheelchair It will speed up your work in many ways. Most trades people laugh at it, till they use it!

It folds down and fits easily in a back seat of a car.

It opens effortlessly, and quickly adjusts to create a platform 1, 2, 3 or 4 feet high.

You can work at a constant height and position.

Placed 3 feet from a corner of a room, you can comfortably reach 10-12 feet of wall without moving the platform.

It wheels around easily, and gets through doors and navigates spaces you think are too tight.

The wheels lock and the bearings are really good..

For painting tall windows it provides perfect access.

You can reach 10 foot high ceilings with ease.

Load it up with kit and wheelie the kit around – carefully, as it isn’t really designed for that.

Compare that to a pair of steps, and over the course of a day you will be surprised at how efficient the wheelchair is.

It is quite entertaining too. Standing on it, with the wheels unlocked, painters have been known to thrust their hips and “surf” round the room without getting off the platform.

The only downsides are it is quite heavy, and you can’t get them in UK.


Thanks to Tim at Painters Pitstop for his input on this.

I have seen this in a mag somewhere recently, where the price was £79.00.

A chippy mate of mine has one he bought in France when he lived there. He got it for about 29 euros. He said when he is next over he may bring a few back. I’d happily give him £30 for his kindness

It is a good sturdy bit of kit.

No longer available from Axminster!

And these are the features they picked up on:

Sturdy and easy to handle
Maximum load 227kg (35 stone 10lbs)
Highly manoeuvrable, 4 swivelling, locking castors
Tough tubular steel construction
Non-slip finished steel boards
Choice of working heights, 300, 600 & 900mm
Folds to 150mm deep for storage or transportation

(Wheelchair was an in joke with work mates. For some reason, I was deemed the old man of the crew! Or it may have had something to do with a history of bad falls off ladders in my early days. One episode falling off a pair of industrial steps actually landed me off work for 2 years with a serious back injury, so I cling to this sort of kit for dear life!)

This particular platform came from Lowes in the US. Best $100 plus thousands in shipping ever spent!

I bought another, my first, from SJ Dixons in Cheltenham many years ago. I have seen a larger version used by plasterers. A pair of these and a Youngmans board, there is no simpler and quicker way to reach ceilings.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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5 comments to “efficient painting and decorating – a wheelchair”

  1. acmasterpainter

    [watch out!] Efficient painting and decorating – a wheelchair – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/efficient-

  2. Spectrum Decorating Simon

    Nice, where did you get it? Been looking at alloy platforms but far too pricy!

  3. Traditional Painter

    Lowes in USA. very clever design features.

  4. Traditional Painter

    Thanks for your input, Simon. Glad Im not spouting into the wind about floor protection 🙂

    I have had my eye on that product you mention for carpets, I am drawn towards the 1m wide roll, as 8 x 4 sheets would be a problem for me for storage and transportation.

    On hardwood and ceramic floors though, I think lining paper ticks all the boxes for practicality and cost.

    As you say, all bets are off once too much traffic gets involved.

    On the site I am on with lining paper over hardwood flooring, there are lots of builders who to be fair are careful, but I do send my right hand man around for a few minutes every few days just to stick down scagged paper. There wont be any unpleasant unveiling ceremony to reveal paint spatters! but in the future in a similar scenario I would maybe upgrade to the 1m wide wallrock, so less taped joints and even more robust than std 1200 / 1400 lining.

  5. Tim

    Hello Andy,

    I never did get round to resonding to this article. Sorry!
    Thank you for your thanks, but it was all to help each other other out in our daily decorating lives.

    I never did get around to purchasing one, hence my searching the interweb and my ending up back here and on PPS, as I could really do with this unit now.

    All the best,

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