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Dulux paint pod review

Listed under Blog, Equipment, paint, products Posted Oct 01 2008

So, what is this Dulux paint pod all about? It isn’t a new concept, that is for sure! And this isn’t an in-depth Dulux paint pod review for sure. This is more a review of how this product might have evolved. 

Dulux paint pod review

Dulux paint pod antecedent

Back in our power roller days, in the early 90’s, we were given an electric-powered paint roller to try out. The roller arm and head attached to a plastic paint reservoir via a flimsy tube. It looked like a gimmick. But we had learnt early on that if you persevere, some gimmicks can work out quite well. Once we divined that the paint had to be highly diluted in order to reach the roller head, we set to work rolling dwarf walls at a bus station. Weird thought, I know.

After the initial enthusiasm, we had a mixed view. On the plus side, it was a pretty efficient system, and it was clean. Being hand-held with no pole attachment, the unit didn’t encroach into the pedestrian walkways. So it was ideal for restricted areas like corridors. On the downside though, the paint was very thin, and the reservoir was on the small side and needed constant refilling. That design fault ruined the whole idea of non-stop painting. Also the output was too weak for us impatient youths. On balance, it was a half-assed DIY product, but interesting nonetheless.

The Dulux Paint Pod – power roller or gimmick?

Looking at the in-house video, maybe Dulux found a solution to some of the issues I encountered many years ago? They required a specially formulated paint, whatever that means. (Thinned down emulsion, probably). You don’t have to decant paint into the unit itself which makes sense and makes it easy to clean. On the face of it, maybe this is fundamentally a good bit of kit.

The main problem I have though is with the quality of the paint finish from the Dulux Paint Pod. The bottom line, no customer in the world cares how quickly you painted their walls, it is how it looks that matters, at least in my experience! Without control over the paint consistency and without the option of roller sleeves to match the surface you are painting, the Dulux Paint Pod review ed was a big zero really. This article highlights some of the better decorating products available from a big shed like B&Q

If it is speed you want, get a lo-tech 18″ roller sleeve

Jack Pauhl certainly knows how to whack paint on quick and well without any power in sight.

If you see him emulsioning newly taped and filled drywall (plasterboard) he uses Zinsser Gardz as a sealer, ensuring his one-coat finishes are something to be proud of. An impossible feat with a Dulux Paint Pod!

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